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A day trip to Whitstable Beach


Last weekend, I took some time off from work, determined to spend quality Summer time with the family.

Every Summer, we visit Whitstable for its lovely beach, only a relatively modest driving distance from London.


Last year was rather blustery, but this year we were blessed with warm sunshine.


The town was also celebrating the Oyster festival and there were numerous stalls and activities planned for the festivity.


Lining the coast were numerous colourful beach huts, some available to hire out for the holiday season. The sea was surprisingly warm and the kids swam quite happily. My daughter told me that she felt like she was swimming in the sea in Malaysia.

We flew kites and played cricket on the beach. I was pleasantly surprised by my batting skills, much to the annoyance of my son who had to run for the ball.


A scenic stroll to the other end of the beach brought us to Jojo’s cafe for lunch. The restaurant part of Jojo’s is highly popular but unfortunately we didn’t book in time to secure a space. Note to self – book 2 weeks in advance next year.


The seaside town of Whitstable had that friendly village feel. This year the streets were teeming with visitors, in part due to the Oyster festival and also the warm weather.


There were numerous independent stores in Harbour street, the main high street of the town. One of my favourites was Frank which sold a wonderfully curated collection of home wares.


A few doors down is a cute little shop called Sundae Sundae, selling amazing ice creams, milkshakes, sweets and vintage toys. You can gauge its popularity by the unending queue forming outside.


If you are tired of queueing, you may want to try delicious dairy ice cream from Likett and Smyle’s roaming cart.

We could not finish our day trip to a British beach without sampling the local Fish and chips. I highly recommend V.C Jones on Harbour street.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay, I recommend Whitstable Fisherman huts.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Wishing you all in advance a wonderful weekend ahead. x


  1. Lovely to read of your happy family times (and at how warm the sea was – a surprise!). Of course I love seeing all the colourful beach huts, and the product assortment of Frank looks fantastic. Did you manage to leave without a little ‘souvenir’?! 😉 x

    • littlebigbell

      I think my daughter was exaggerating but it was definitely warmer than Brighton beach. I did buy a little souvenir from Frank, a lovely matchbox with a cute picture of a dog on the front. It’s on IG 😉 x

  2. Such wonderful English charm! I love it! 🙂

  3. Lovely photos Geraldine! I agree Whitstable is amazing. A few years ago we spent two nights in one of the fisherman’s cottages right on the beach it was such a unique experience that we’re still talking about it . Txx

    • littlebigbell

      Isn’t it just. Maybe next time we’ll try the huts. Have a great weekend lovely friend xx

  4. Whitstable is beautiful, we spent a fab week there last August with plans to go back. We loved the beach huts and the amazing beach house that we later found out can be rented out.

    Hope you have had a wonderful day.

  5. What a lovely trip, captured perfectly by your incredible eye for spotting new finds and pretty delights!

    G I also have to say a huge WELL DONE for your new blog design, it captures your tastes so brilliantly and is a joy to peruse. Honestly absolutely love it and now want a complete west egg overhaul too!!

    See you soon,
    L xx

  6. I love Whistable and don’t go down enough… Great photos and review. Isn’t Frank the best?
    Glad you’re spending some quality time with your family.

    Your blog is looking lovely. xx

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Tina, it’s been wonderful spending time with the family. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Such lovely photo’s Geraldine! I’ve never been to Whitstable, will have to add it to the list of day trips with little J. Thanks for sharing. You guys looked like you had a great time. xD

    • littlebigbell

      We had a fun time for sure. We were so lucky with the warm weather. Have a wonderful week D. 😉 xx

  8. What a lovely place. We spent two weeks in England and Whitstable was on our list, but we canceled it. We had only 4 days visiting Kent and there are so many beautiful places to see. What a pity! Next time we will definitely visit Whitstable.
    Wonderful post!

    • littlebigbell

      Lovely to have you visit the blog Angela. Whitstable was definitely a fun day out but I’m sure you saw loads of beautiful places too, Kent is wonderful. x

  9. Great post. Thx for the infos. I’ll go there next weekend.Can’t wait to discover this little town… Looks lovely!

    • littlebigbell

      A pleasure Marine! Have fun and let me know what you think!;)

      • Hi Geraldine! I went last Sunday… and absolutely loved it!
        Whitstable is a really charming little town. I love Harbour street with all the little boutiques! Thx again for your good tips.
        I will go back for sure… :0)

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