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A fun pastel wallpaper backdrop for zoom calls.

Where’s that fun pastel wallpaper from? A question I often get asked about this wall on my Instagram.

There’s always a huge surprise when I say it’s a painted wall, and not wallpaper.

Unfortunately, the paint is now wearing out, cracking and fading away.

So, do I repaint or try something completely new?

I think it’s time for a change right?

I’ve finally decided to go for a pastel wallpaper, something that looks equally as fun and striking as the painted wall.Here it is. My new pastel coloured wall.

What do you think?

The wallpaper is called Wave After Wave (£38 per roll), and is from Lust Home , an independent online home decor brand that is newly launched, designing and printing original wallpapers in-house.

This colour way is Peach, Bubblegum, mint and custard. They perfectly compliment my existing furniture and decor.

You can get the same wallpaper in individual colour ways of Mint, Custard,Candy, Blueberry, Monochrome and Dusky Pink too.

All of Lust home’s wallpapers are printed on paper that are fully FSC certified and use dry-powder based ink that is waterless, food safe and free of VOCs. they are also washable and easy to hang.Can’t wait to hear what people say during my next zoom video call, as this is now my new workspace backdrop.

Beats having a standard bookshelf backdrop right?

Do check out Lust home for more fun and colourful wallpapers. They do stock a great collection.

Meanwhile, you can also see my hallway featuring wallpaper from Lust Home.

pastel wallpaperThis pastel wallpaper refresh has really brightened up my room and made me feel happy.

There will be more colourful wallpaper reveals to come soon. Can’t wait to show you.

Wishing you a wonderful and lovely week ahead.

( All photos are copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with Lust Home).

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