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A luxury modular sofa for a modern home called Edward from Domkapa.

luxury modular sofa DomkapaI’ve been on a lookout for a luxury modular sofa for some time and the Edward sofa, one of Domkapa’s new season collection caught my attention.

Domkapa, is a luxury furniture brand from Portugal, and you can read all about it in my blog post from Maison et Objet here.

I’ve had my main lounge sofa for over 7 years now, and I must admit, I got it more for its look and colour.

I’ve noticed that it wasn’t as comfortable, when the cushions I used to decorate it with were removed.

I think if I were to buy another sofa, I’d want it to be a quality piece that would stand the test of time, but be comfortable and stylish too.

I’m willing to pay more for quality that will be sustainable.

I have decided that I will be a little bit more grown up and minimalistic in my decor. It’s not a forced decision, but one that has evolved with me over time.

I’ve already started to declutter my home ( to embrace minimalism) by selling off some of my more whimsical decor pieces.

The Luxury aesthetic is what I would like to adopt for my living room.

When I saw Domkapa’s Edward sofa, I thought it really fitted my specifications nicely. I love its modern, clean line silhouette with a soft and cosy feel.

luxury modular sofa DomkapaIt was so comfortable that when I sat down, I could have quite happily snuggled there with a blanket and even fall asleep.

The Edward sofa has 5 different modules : corner, final, central, standalonbe and chaise modules. Look how fabulous that chaise module above is.

There are 36 different module configurations identifiable with codes.

I love this head rest bolster detail that you can add to the Edward sofa, providing better head and neck support when reclining back.

It really addresses the issue I found with my existing sofa which I found uncomfortable. When I reclined against the seat, I would usually have to prop cushions against my head and modular sofa DomkapaDomkapa have hundreds of different fabrics and materials to go with their luxury modular sofa.

I may go for a fabric similar to this one or even a brown leather.

Also of note, you can choose the width of your sofa seating too : narrow or large.

Domkapa’s Edward sofa have some amazing components for added functionalty, like this side table with a storage drawer.

I really love how they have combined the brown leather with the fabric. Really looks elegant.

The drawer opened and closed seamlessly, showing that a lot of thought have gone into the ergonomics of their pieces.

You can also get this pocket flap that drapes on the arm of the sofa to store anything from magazines to that television remote control that often gets misplaced.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on Domkapa’s luxury modular sofa “Edward”. I know I’m definitely tempted.

In fact, as I write this post, I was already thinking up how my Edward sofa would look.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. )



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