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Affordable art fair 2024 in Hampstead Heath, London – Thoughts on my curated picks.

Affordable Art Fair 2024

Last week, when the sun was shining, I decided to make my way to the beautiful vast green outdoors of Hampstead Heath and to view the art on sale at the Affordable art Fair.

I used to collect original pieces of art when I was much younger, but that fell by the way side with other financial priorities, such as raising young children and establishing my medical career.

It’s not to say that I haven’t been active in the art market at all, it just slowed down.

Now, as I’m older, I can re-focus on my passion in art collecting and investment.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from the recent art fair.

(Above) Made From Scratch is by Astrid Van Den Bosch.  I love the boldness of the red and very on trend with the Unexpected Red theory movement in decor at present.Affordable art fairThis is another piece by Astrid and is called One day at a time.

I love it for its texture and surprising pops of bright colours.

I’m not sure what caught my attention first with this oil painting by Sophie Bayntun  called Striped Chair. Was it the colour palette or the rounded form?

Since after the pandemic, industry experts have been predicting the trend of earthy colours. It has taken time for many to adopt the colour brown for their homes.

Recently, Pantone released its colour of the year Peach Fuzz which sits between peach and orange. I would call it the more palatable lighter spectrum of brown.

In fact, my new kitchen in Paris is a Peach Fuzz tone, one that I picked in 2023. I’m not a colour oracle, but chuffed to have my colour pick confirmed.

I can see that Autumn and Winter will have those peach tones go darker and bolder. Call it intuition, but I think we will be seeing a lot more brown in the coming seasons.

I’m no Feng Shui master, but for my Paris flat renovations, I wanted everything to be rounded and curved because it would make the space flow with good energy.

Therefore from how I feel about colour and form, I’m sure you can see why I picked this painting right?Here we have some simple every day food immortalised as realist art. This series of paintings are by Victoria Cornwell.

Did you know that food in paintings like colour in interiors is a trend ? In fact, I think you can predict the age of a still life table scape based on the edibles depicted.

I would say that the shrimps and sardines are very 2024. The pink donut trend was like 8-10 years ago.

I think these paitings work well as a group together.

I was stopped in my tracks by these whimsical pantings by Alan Halliday. Love the scenes depicted and the colour palette used.

As I was photographing these paintings, I overheard an older couple looking at one of Alan’s beautiful paintings with a water feature scene and lemons growing on a tree. In fact, they were trying to bargain the price down. I can honestly say I didn’t know people did that at art fairs.

Last but not least, I spotted this rather atmospheric mountain scene called Misty Cathedrale by Antoine Gaussin.

It reminded me of the Rocky mountains of Canada I see every time I go visit my husband’s family in Canada.

I also love the texture of this art piece. The medium is photorag on aluminium.

Anyway, I guess the question in hand is whether I bought anything? The answer is no but tempted.

The Astrid Van Den Bosch pieces could have a place in my new Paris home, but I wanted to explore more before committing.

Hope you have enjoyed my art picks. Would it be of interest to you if I write more about art here and the ones that I pick for my home and as investment? Let me know in comments.

( All photography are copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).

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