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An older teen boy room that is not the standard black, white or navy.

When I searched for older teen boy room on the internet or Pinterest, the standard black, white or navy, with a pop of red rooms always popped up.

I was on the quest to help my son revamp his room with a difference.

This was all prompted by him outgrowing his single bed of 10 years ( image above).

I was on the search for a good quality bed, that could stand the test of time, like this last one.

All the standard adult double beds I looked at were just too big for his room.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to search for long, as I found the perfect small double bed at the renowned kid’s bedroom furniture brand Aspace.Here it is ” Before” with everything cleared out.

The reveal is below. older teen boy’s roomTa-dah! What do you think?

I went for the Charterhouse range because I loved this classic yet modern look that’s in keeping with the style of my home.I can vouch for how sturdy and amazing the quality of the furniture pieces are. older teen boy’s roomThe panelling detail of the bed is just gorgeous.I also got a matching side table and 2 sets of drawers.

His previous bedroom furniture were all white ( first photo of post), and we were looking to have something different.

I was excited to find out that Aspace could do custom colours.I’ve always used Valspar paint colours for his bedroom, and the blue on his walls is called Ethereal sea.

I picked the same colour for his bedside table,and a chest of drawers.

Love how serene the blue looks.older teen boy’s roomBlue and yellow was the agreed colour palette with my son, so we decided on a Valspar yellow called Sun Sparkle for his bed and the other set of drawers too.The end result looks wonderful don’t you think? Not the classic colours we see for an older teen boy room, but I really think it works. Like a blue sky day with the sun shining all year round.A new bed called for a new mattress, and I was pleased that Aspace had a selection in their shop too.

We picked the white waffle pocket 1000 mattress, a pocket sprung mattress with great localised support. It also has many soft and luxurious wool layers on top, making it a super comfortable mattress.older teen boy’s roomMoreover, Aspace provides an assembly service too, and they can even take your old mattress away.

The men who came to assemble his bed were extremely professional and courteous.

Aspace also provides a 7 year guarantee on their furniture and 5 year guarantee on their mattresses which is so reassuring.

I’m so happy with the end result. Most importantly it meets my son’s approval.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I really enjoyed helping my son create his new older teen boy bedroom which isn’t the standard black, navy or white.

Have a lovely weekend all.

( All photography are copyright of Geraldine Tan. This is a collaborative post with aspace, but all views are my own).

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