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How to make an Autumn spiced apple cocktail.

autumn-cocktail-gordons-gin-photo-little-big-bellI’ve just finished a busy shift in the A+E department. It’s Friday YAY!! I need an Autumn cocktail!

I need something cold and refreshing with a dash of my favourite Gordon’s gin. Something a little bit different to the usual Gin and tonic. What shall I make?

I decided on something fruity with an Autumn twist. The cocktail experiment turned out surprisingly well. I named it Autumn spiced apple cocktail. autumn-gin-cocktail-lets-cocktail-photo-by-geraldine-tan-little-big-bellHere’s how I made it:

1.Place 2-3 mugs full of cloudy apple juice into a saucepan with 5 cloves and 2 fresh sprigs of Rosemary.

2. Add 1 table spoon of granulated sugar to the juice and stir to take some of the sour away.

3. Simmer the mixture over the stove for 6-7 minutes, then leave to cool.

4.Place mixture into ice cube tray and freeze.

5. Once frozen, remove as many ice cubes as you need and blend in blender. You could add some mint or frozen raspberries into the blender too if desired.

6. Add Gordon’s Gin and stir.

7. Pour into glass and decorate with some fresh Rosemary.autumn-spiced-apple-cocktail-photo-by-little-big-bellThe result is a seriously refreshing cocktail, not too tart, not too sweet, but with all the fragrant flavours of Autumn. You’ve got to try it, it’s so delicious.

If you make and store the spiced apple ice cubes in the freezer in advance, then you can blend up the cocktail in a matter of minutes.
chocolate-pretzels-for-halloween-party-photo-by-geraldine-tan-little-big-bellA cocktail needs some snacks right?

I had a bag of American style pretzels lying around the house. Since Halloween was just round the corner, I decided to coat the pretzels with orange coloured chocolate so that they look like pumpkins.chocolate-pumpkin-pretzels-little-big-bellPumpkin pretzels and the perfect Autumn cocktail. Bliss!

Off to go put my feet up now and watch a video box set. For more Autumn cocktail inspiration, check out my post at Pachamama. Good night all and wishing you a wonderful weekend. xspiced-apple-recipe-gordons-gin-photo-little-big-bell

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).


  1. Wow, the colours! Love it x

  2. This sounds right up my street!! Going to try it asap

  3. Looks very elegant Geraldine. xx

  4. That cocktail sounds lush! I’m going to pin it to my recipe board for the future x

  5. That looks and sounds really yummy, the pictures are amazing. It sounds like a perfect cocktail to have after a shift in A&E!

  6. Oh this recipe looks delicious! Pinning it now 🙂 I am having a friend round for dinner soon and would love to serve this cocktail. xxx

    • littlebigbell

      Miranda, it’s so easy to make and delicious too. Let me know how yours turn out. xx

  7. That looks and sounds delicious – will definitely try out your recipe. And pumpkin pretzels, just genius!

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