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30 Apr

Bright Bazaar book by Will Taylor – a review



Today’s post is about Will Taylor and his recently launched book Bright Bazaar, embracing colour for make-you-smile-style.


Will is not only a talented author, blogger, journalist and fashion trendsetter, but also a dear friend.

At Will’s book launch in London recently, I was asked two questions in front of the camera. The first one was how did I know Will? and the second question was what I thought of his book?

Simple questions right? It should have just rolled off my tongue with ease, but unfortunately for someone who doesn’t drink much alcohol, I sipped my wine a little too fast during the evening and yes, had alcohol induced expressive dysphasia! The words didn’t quite come out correctly or at times even at all !

So, I thought I’d answer those two questions here.


I first met Will in October 2013 when we both got the opportunity to explore the Los Angeles design scene with Modenus BlogtourLA.

We connected through our passion for design, colour and yes, shopping!

Will has a true flair for design and colour. Having known him for a while now, I can whole-heartedly say he is as perceived and in addition to that, a kind and fun-loving person who is grounded and down to earth despite his rising fame.

The last I heard, the book was number one on Amazon’s Styles and Decor category. Congratulations Will!

So, what do I think of Will’s book? My reflex answer would simply be ‘absolutely brilliant!’ Will’s passion and keen eye for design and decorating with colour shines through.

Decorating with colour can for some be instinctive and easy, but a skill difficult to impart. Those who find colour daunting or have a fear of experimenting, now need look no further. Will has been able to impart this colour instinct through steps so tangible that what previously was daunting is now both achievable and a pleasure.

I like the way he has divided the book into three main sections : ‘Colour is your friend’ where one is guided through gradually to build colour confidence, followed by my favourite section ‘Colour cocktails’ where Will shows us how mixing certain colours together is able to achieve a desired mood, and finally ‘Bringing colour home’ where he shows how colour can transform different spaces in the home.


I let on earlier that I loved the ‘Colour cocktails’ section, so how better to review the book than to actually try out Will’s advice. I have done this by styling some vignettes. Believe me, I have had super fun in between stressful hospital on call ward rounds to do this last weekend. It was indeed the perfect way for me to unwind. I have picked seven of his colour cocktails to try out.


First, is the ‘Candy Crush’, inspired by Will’s travel through the Balearic Islands.  A sweet palette of pinks and yellows which he describes as ‘cheerful and uplifting with a retained element of calm’.

Here, I have styled a coral pink Ikea Brakig stool with books in pink and yellow, wedged between a canary yellow Muuto vase and a pink plant pot from Serax. Just to pull those colours together, I have placed an Alexander Girard doll in the front with its two striking stripes of fuschia pink.


Next, is the ‘Lime Divine’ which Will said was inspired by the zesty hues of lime and azure blue of cafe chairs he saw in France.

Here, I have styled the palette with a blue geometric wallpaper reminiscent of ocean waves, against which the pops of lime provided by the ceramic fish by Jonathan Adler and the front of the wooden bird stand out. I have added a print of a white background with blue accent colours to break the over dominance of the background blue whilst helping to accentuate the lime.


Now for the ‘Strawberry Split’ inspired by the strawberries Will saw, set against the blue rims of their punnets.

Here, I have chosen to show off my Marimekko mugs in red and blue set against the painterly blue of the plate.

You will notice in the first picture of Will, at the top of this post, that he has adopted this palette for his attire. A very dapper look, don’t you think?


Next up, is the Mint Bliss inspired by the minted copper rooftops that Will spotted whilst in Paris. Will has advised on using cerise pink as visual accents.

I have styled my mint sofa with a pink linen ombre throw, both from Designer’s Guild. This sofa is also worth a mention, as it was the one that Will helped me decide to buy, pretty much within 5 minutes! I think I did mention that we share the interest of shopping!

Again, if you scroll up to Will’s second photo,you’ll see him practise what he preaches, as his outfit of the day was a mint and pink.

The-Tangerine-dream-styling-and-photo-by-Geraldine-Little-Big-Bell.jpg Now for the ‘Tangerine dream’ inspired by New york city’s golden hour. I won’t say more, but you have to read how Will describes this beautiful inspiration in his book.

If you are on Instagram, you should check out  #mrgoldenhour for more stunning pre- sunset photos by Will.

Here, I have styled my vignette with a little canvas print by Ashley G of a girl in orange against a black background. The white Design Letters cup was used to provide a visual break from the dark but still with the accent elements of the black in the typography and orange of the top.


The Cerulean Splash is inspired by the charm of the coast. The palette that Will has chosen is a yellow and Azure blue.

The monochrome bed linen in our guest room has been lifted with the blue and yellow throws from West Elm. To balance this, I have placed a blue cushion from Hay at the head of the bed, layered with a blue and yellow cushion by Kangan Arora.

Bright-Bazaar-book-Citrus-twist-interpreted by-Little-Big-Bell.jpg

Finally, last but not least, is ‘The Citrus Twist’ with lemons, limes and accents of black. This palette was inspired by the sun soaked buildings of Spain. What’s exciting is that this is the palette that Will has used for his Living room, all revealed in his book.

I have styled a little work area on my dining table with green and yellow stationery from Hay and can you spot Will’s book in candy coloured stripes? I’m loving how Will’s book also doubles up as home decor.

The typography cups are by Design Letters. These vibrant citrus hues are so getting me in the mood for Summer.


So that concludes my Bright Bazaar book review. It has been great fun trialling the advice Will has given on mixing colour. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post as much as I have putting it together.

As I write, Will’s book officially publishes in the United States today. He has a book tour planned for the States and you can see the schedule here.

Will, here’s to wishing you a wonderful book launch and I’m sure the success will only continue to grow. Congratulations!

Also, I would like to congratulate Andrew Boyd on the beautiful photos inside the book.

Wishing you all a fabulous week! x

  1. Geraldine what a great book review with a difference! I love how you actually used his advice and styled with his colour combos. I was so happy to receive his book a couple of weeks ago. He has done a phenomenal job with his advice which is great extension from his blog that’s full of tips. Have a great week Geraldine and hope life isn’t too busy for you! M xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hi Mel, thanks! Yes, agree he has done a great job and I’ve enjoyed the styling too. Have a great week Mel! xx

  2. Lovely review G,I’m looking forward to getting a copy! I love all your little vignettes but my favourite is definately citrus twist! Was hoping to go to Blogtacualr but too much prep for Pulse which is on the day after…oh hum next time! Hope all is good love Silk x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thanks Silkie! It was an easy review to do since the book is so fabulous. Love the way Will writes as he introduces each colour cocktail, so inspiring! x

  3. Such a great review post, Geraldine, so thorough and thoughtful. Can you imagine the benefit to patients if you and Will redecorated a hospital?! I bet recovery times would shorten considerably. Great read, thank you

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you so much Gabrielle. Now that’s an idea about the hospital. We are redesigning the whole A&E department where I work. I’m going to see the architects next week about our space. Maybe I should volunteer Will and I ? 😉 xx

    2. Wow, that’s a bright idea, Gabrielle! I don’t know if British hospitals are anything like the French, but they really need some color & style! So nice that you actually used Will’s advise and styled according his color cocktails, Geraldine. See you soon! xx

      1. littlebigbell Post author

        Judith, British hospitals definitely need some colour and style injecting into them. Will is very intuitive about colour and I can see that as I’m styling using his tips. See you soon too! x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Toni! Well, that man does inspire me. He is so talented! x

  4. Hi Geraldine, I love what you did to show the Colour cocktails.
    Will’s book is such a colourful and inspiring read. I wrote my review last week, and only showed a few colour combinations from the book. I’m impressed that you found all the colours he talks about in your house. You are becoming a Queen of Colourx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Mon ! Definitely agree with the colourful and inspiring read of Will’s book. I keep referring to it as I love it so much! xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Gudy! He definitely deserves it, he has worked so hard and what a brilliant achievement! Can’t wait to see you in Barcelona soon! xx

  5. Really lovely post, Geraldine. Great styling, as always and a great way to review the book by trying out some of the colour cocktails. ‘The Citrus Twist’ is my favourite, I’m really loving citrus pops of colour with accents of black at the moment. x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Hollie! It was such fun trying out the styling using Will’s colour cocktails.I’m liking them all, difficult to decide which one is my favourite! Have a lovely week! xx

  6. This is such a wonderful post, thank you! I love how you styled the colour cocktails, especially your pieces you picked for The Strawberry Split. I love the Flirty Fiesta, too. I know how busy you are with work so I’m incredibly grateful that you took the time to write and style such an original post. Here’s to colour lovers the world around! xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      You are so welcome Will! I have so enjoyed writing this post, it was truly a pleasure. I love your suggestion of mixing a bright cerise pink with mint, never really thought of that before until now, so thanks for the inspiration for my sofa. Wishing you a fab book tour in the States and see you when you get back!I love the Flirty Fiesta too! xx

  7. Wow this is a wonderful and thorough review Geraldine! I loved the color cocktails as well, but actually all the tips in the book were spectacular and very relevant!

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Tina!I agree, definitely a very relevant and spectacular book! x

  8. Dearest G – what a great review – I love the look of Will’s book (need me a copy asap) and you’re absolutely right – what I know of young Mr. Bazaar is exactly what you wrote: he is kind, funny and humble. Take care and see you ALL next time I’m in London.

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thanks Anya! You’ll love the book as much as I when you get it. It’s so fun! Hope to see you in London soon, enjoy New York! xx

  9. Wonderful review, G! I love how you applied the tips to your own vignettes! I don’t know if I have that many trinkets to make as many scenes as you did! WOW! I just received my copy from Amazon today and I am looking forward to having a more thorough look through it tonight. Big hugs to you! xoxo

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Jocelyn. That comment made me laugh out loud – oops! I do have too many things at home don’t I? 🙂 Big hugs to you too! xx

  10. Geraldine I absolutely love how you’ve reviewed Wills book, testing out each colour palette in your own inspiring little vignettes!

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Catherine! Will’s book is so on my wavelength that it made it easy. xx

  11. Hi Geraldine, I have to echo what everyone else has already said that I love that you took each section from the book and styled your own vignette! It goes to show that you are truely the style queen of colour to have been able to create so many! xD

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Doris for such kind words! Hope to see you at the conference in a few days’ time x


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