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Outdoor cinema Outdoor cinema using the Intel NUC Mini PC.

I’m taking in as much of what’s left of Summer by embracing the few remaining warm evenings outdoors.

Barbecue dinners followed by a cosy snuggle on the outdoor sofa will soon be a distant memory.

I’ve had my outdoor cinema set for a while now but haven’t shown it here. I was initially powering it via my laptop but it wasn’t working quite so well, until I received my Intel NUC Mini PC.

Outdoor cinema Intel NUC The Intel NUC is a mini PC with the power of a computer tower. It’s size means it fits easily into the palm of your hands and can be carried anywhere.

It also means a neater workspace area without large tech equipment overshadowing the aesthetics of the space. For me, it’s the ultimate home media centre.

It’s fully capable of supporting the transmission of 4K movies too.

I decided to put my Intel NUC Mini PC to the test for my outdoor cinema screening.

Setting up was so easy and intuitive. It booted up instantly, with everything automatically updated.

The Intel NUC Mini PC fan was super quiet, so an added bonus for uninterrupted film viewing.

It has amazing built in wi-fi and Bluetooth capabilities, so image streaming was seamless.

All I then needed to complete the outdoor cinema experience was a large retractable screen, a projector and sound system.

Then my favourite part was to style up the space with an outdoor sofa and lights. The kids watched their favourite Marvel movie and I streamed my favourite guilty pleasure movie Dirty Dancing. outdoor cinema It was so fun!

If the weather stays warm, I might do a little barbecue outdoor cinema party.

Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the joy of wide screen cinema need to end. With my Intel NUC Mini PC, I’ll be creating a home cinema in my basement family room. I’m now on the search for a cute popcorn machine to add to the vibe.

As I write this, I’m currently on holiday in Asia. It’s amazing that I could carry my intel NUC Mini PC and small portable Bluetooth keyboard in my handbag!

All I have to do is plug in to my hotel large screen TV and the possibilities are endless. The kids have been enjoying some gaming on the hotel widescreen TV. Hope you’ve enjoyed the post.

If you are thinking of upgrading your desktop or organising your own outdoor cinema, then I highly recommend getting an Intel NUC Mini PC.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan,editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with Intel and the Intel NUC was provided as part of this partnership).

How to find a trusted electrician with Amazon Home Services

I have been wanting to get a new feature light installed in my bedroom for a while now. However, I have been putting it off due to indecision and being too busy.

It hasn’t helped that there are so many choices of lighting out there.

I love the brand Flos, and already have 2 of their Glo Ball suspension lights in my children’s bedroom.

Imagine how excited I was to learn that Flos had released a new design, the Flos IC suspension light by the talented designer Michael Anastassiades.

I was instantly drawn to it and wanted to get one in brass. What do you think of it in the image above? Amazon home services My next and largest stumbling block was the installation.

Searching for a good electrician was tough. I’ve had a few hit and misses with electricians in the past.

Since the Flos IC suspension light was an expensive design icon, I wanted someone I could trust to do the job well.

I was recently introduced to Amazon Home Services, a group of thoroughly vetted trade and service providers who can provide installation or assembly support for products bought. They also offer upfront pricing with helpful ratings and reviews from verified customers.

I decided to order my Flos IC S2 suspension light via Amazon, and to try out the electrician via Amazon Home Services. Amazon Home services The whole process was fast and convenient. I just had to specify my postcode, and Amazon allocated me one of their handpicked trusted electricians.

Then all that was needed to be done was to pick a date, preferably a few days after the expected date of product delivery.

I’m pleased to report that the lights arrived in time for the electricians, who were punctual on the day.

I was most impressed with the professionalism of the service. My room was prep with dust sheets and everything was cleared away after the installation too. The electrician explained to me what he was going to do, and took time to position the light to my desired height.

I would definitely not have been able to do this myself.

The process included wire cutting, converting 3 wires into one, sawing the ceiling and attaching the heavy light onto the ceiling joist.

I was so pleased it was done so efficiently and safely. What do you think? I feel it fits in nicely with my interior space. My light now hangs like a moon in my bedroom.

It’s so beautiful and its intensity can be adjusted with a dimmer switch. I’ve specially styled my wall with some beautiful art prints by Rachel Powell, Pati Robins, Holly Maguire and Margo of Margate. I’ve also added a yellow throw to accentuate the brass from the light. This is now my happiest place in the house.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I am so thankful to Amazon Home Services.

I’ve discovered there are so many other possibilities to Amazon home services, there’s even a home cleaning service, and you can check them out on www. If you have been putting off a household task due to your busy schedule or because you are not sure how to do it, then I urge you to give Amazon home Services a try.

I would also like to do a special shout out for Polarity Electrics Ltd, who put my light up. They have been such wonderful ambassadors for Amazon Home Services. Finally, I’ll be back with more interior styling at home posts soon.

Wishing you a lovely day all.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership with Amazon UK but all views are my own).

teen bedroom Back To School workspace revamp with Ikea.

My heart sinks at the thought that Summer may soon be over, as we prepare our kids for back to school.

I’ve noticed on Instagram that the whole back to school shopping rush has begun.

There wasn’t much that I needed to buy this term, so I thought I’d focus on organising my son’s back to school workspace.

You may have recently seen my blog post on his bedroom revamp ( image above).

What you didn’t get to see was the desk area, because it was still a work in progress. It was also a mess, with wires everywhere. This was what my son’s desk used to look like before the invasion of technology and wires.

I knew I had to organise this space to help him back into the mindset of school.

I always turn to Ikea when I need to revamp a workspace area in my kids’ rooms.

This Ikea Lerberg trestle and table top has been wonderful, and served its purpose well for when he was younger.

I felt a revamp was due, as my son is now in Senior school and needs have changed. Ikea Alex desk Here’s the first part of the new back to school workspace.

I had a few prerequisites when it came to organising this space.

I needed to get a larger desk to accommodate the numerous desktop technology.

This Ikea Alex desk in white was perfect because it was large enough to work on without being too obtrusive in a small room. I opted for a desk with a storage compartment at the top that tidies wires away. Ikea Hattefjall chair Storage as always is an important factor. There are 2 drawers in this desk for storing away stationery, pens and pencils. Back to school workspace I’ve also added a further set of 3 drawers with this Fritids / Stuva unit, to tidy away the growing number of text books that comes with moving up a school year. I love the blue and white of the drawers. Back to school workspace The blue perfectly ties in with his room colour. Lastly, the study chair, sometimes an afterthought, but probably one of the most important elements for comfortable working.  Isn’t this Ikea Hattefjäll chair stylish? Not only is it aesthetically pleasing , it is super comfortable too.

The chair comes with height adjustable seat, armrests and a backrest that tilts for support and comfort. I have styled my back to school workspace wall with Art & Hue Beano wall prints. The banana print was bought from the Ikea Museum shop in Almhült, Sweden. So, what do you think? Doesn’t this back to school workspace look tidy and conducive to working?

Hope you’ve found some inspiration from this post and that all your back to school preparation is as planned.

Do check out Ikea for their amazing range of furniture, to help you prepare for your little ones’ new school year. My son is so pleased with the results, and I feel good that I’ve helped him prepare for the new school term and year.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This back to school workspace post is a paid partnership with Ikea U.K., but all views are my own).

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