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New homeware brands and talents from Tendence 2018.

I have just returned from a fabulous trip to Tendence, an international trade and consumer fair in Frankfurt, that I’ve previously written about here.

I thought I’d show you a few of my favourite new homeware brands.

It was fun to explore the up and coming designers at the Talents section of the fair.

Two of the talents I selected coincidentally had a ‘hands’ theme to their works.

First, I’d like to introduce you to  Anna Štěpánková and Tereza Rosalie Kladošová, who both graduated with a Masters degree from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2016.

Tereza’s major was in fashion design and Anna studied product design. Their fun and colourful woollen rug collection, called Chopit, featured human hands with food.

The image above is of a hand and pretzel. Here we see the hand dipping into sauce. Next, I’d like to introduce you to Verena Rempel, whose beautiful artistic work feature in an exclusive bedding and cushion cover collection.

All the patterns and motives in her designs were from the photos of her hands. Each side of the bedding had a unique design, so you could change up the look of your bed easily. new homeware brands I couldn’t stop myself swooning over the homewares collection at Hubsch Interior.

Check out that gorgeous mirror that doubles up as a clothes hook. As you can see, the round mirror and Terrazzo trends are still going strong . I’m loving that small Terrazzo dressing table mirror on the floor. Don’t you just love the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design?

I found myself drawn to these beautiful candle lantern jars by Eldvarm , made from handblown glass, powder coated metal and tanned leather straps. The colours from the naturally dyed leather were simply stunning. I’m coveting these fireplace accessories, also from Eldvarm. This beautiful rug and cushions are by Elena Schimmel of Minividuals. The rugs from Minividuals are baby friendly because they are machine washable. I captured this image of the Minividuals stall at Tendence. Since we were on the subject of kids, I thought I’d show you 2 other cool children’s products that I found.

These colourful wooden toys could also double up as Home decor, and are by Kumi Mood.

You could pull on Justus the parrot’s cord and it would flap its wings up and down.

How cute is this comics blanket from Pad concept. ?

It would be perfect for my Marvel loving son.  If you’ve been looking for some stylish, easy to wipe clean table mats, then look no further ,

These pastel mats from By May Stockholm   were simply stunning. Talking about pastels, how cute were these cushions from Pytt Living? Their new collection cushions are excitingly now made from recycled plastic. Hope you’ve enjoyed my mini curate of the new homeware brands at Tendence fair.

Next year the fair would be bigger and even better.

I hear there will be an Urban, Modern, Cosy, Adventure and Earth district. Which district will you be exploring?

Wishing you all a lovely start to your week.

( All photography were provided by the brands mentioned in this post, and this is a paid partnership with Tendence only.)

Brabantia ironing board 5 steps to more pleasurable ironing with my new Brabantia ironing board.

Where do you do your ironing? Is it in your laundry room, in front of the television or somewhere else?

Ironing can be such a mundane task, so I’m definitely for anything that can make it more joyful.

I thought I’d share with you my 5 steps to a more pleasurable ironing experience: Step 1 Stay close to storage.

I do my ironing upstairs near the bedrooms and linen cupboard.

Our laundry room is downstairs in the basement, and our home has 5 floors.

I always find it such an effort to go up and down the stairs with the ironing, so I’ve decided to do it right at the top of the house near all the cupboards. ironing board Step 2 Get a beautiful ironing board cover

Ironing is so much more pleasurable when you have something pretty to stare at don’t you think?

Check out my gorgeous new ironing board  cover from Brabantia, a collaboration with Irish designer ‘Queen of prints’ Orla Kiely. The new limited edition design is in Orla Kiely’s Flower Oval Stem print. Isn’t it just so pretty?

Love how the orange colour pops out from the grey.

The ironing board cover is made from 100% durable cotton with a resilient foam layer for ironing comfort, making it the ideal ironing surface for both normal and steam ironing.

The cover comes with a cord fastener and Stretch System, so that it is easy to fit and always smooth and taut.

I can’t believe the cover retails for only £15.50. Such a bargain for amazing design.  Step 3 Get a good ironing board with multiple adjustable heights.

If you spend a long period of time ironing, then it is essential that the ironing board is at the right level to maintain posture and comfort. My new Brabantia ironing board is amazing as it has seven heights (69 – 96 cm), easily adjustable with a handy trigger switch.

The Brabantia ironing board and cover is available to buy in John Lewis and on Amazon. Step 4 Iron in fragrance.

I use eco friendly botanically fragrant products as part of my laundry care, such as Wilton London’s laundry liquid and fabric conditioner in a Cedarwood scent. I notice they also do a Jasmine scent now.

The aroma from the essential oils as I steam iron is simply up-lifting. Step 5 Listen to some tunes

I just love having some background music whilst I iron. I pick and mix my tunes depending on my mood.

So there you have it, my 5 steps to a more pleasurable ironing experience.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership collaboration with Brabantia but all views are my own.)

The Corian® Moodboard Maker.

Designing a space can be tricky, especially if you have so many ideas floating around.

In the current age of social media, we are constantly being inspired by different styles and aesthetic. I remembered not knowing where to start when I was designing my first kitchen.

In those early days, I didn’t know anything about moodboarding. In fact, the interior designer I hired just took over.

Needless to say, despite my gut instinct telling me that I wanted to be more adventurous, I just agreed with the ‘safe’ and probably boring white kitchen.

Now, with more interior decorating experience, I’m clearer what my style, colour palette and aesthetic is.

I’m currently in the process of redesigning a few rooms in my home, such as my bathrooms and kitchen.

To help me visualise how my space would look, I was so pleased to discover Corian‘s new Moodboard Maker.

In fact, it has led me to the world of Corian® . I didn’t realise there was such a variety of colours and designs available.

If you are new to Corian®, it is essentially a blend of minerals and acrylic creating a high tech non porous surface that is durable, resistant to stain and easy to clean. The icing on the cake is that it looks beautiful and stylish.

If you love contemporary, then Corian® is perfect for creating those seamless surfaces that goes with that style.

I have been looking for new bedside tables for a while, but have not decided on anything. I’m now thinking of getting them made in Corian®.

I like the way that it is durable to wear and tear. It’ll definitely be able to withstand all the stains and spills from bedtime glasses of water and scratches from keys flung onto the table.

My bedroom is a light and bright space, with my very own version of a Californian vibe.

I’ve decided that pops of sunshine yellow would be the perfect addition to that vibe. I’ve played with the Corian® Moodboard Maker and decided that Imperial Yellow and Designer White Corian would work well with my interior space. The moodboard above really helps me visualise how everything looks together.

I have two ideas on how I could use the Corian®.

The first is to commission for a shelf table to be made using the Designer White Corian®.

I will use the Imperial Yellow Corian® on the table top and as the shelf.

My second idea is to get a carpenter to make me a wooden bedside table and then place the Corian® on top in layers. The yellow will go on top of the white.

It’s incredible how a Moodboard Maker could give me the creative ideas to design a piece of furniture. Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I’ve really enjoyed using the Corian® Moodboard Maker to help me crystallise my ideas.

The Corian® Moodboard Maker is really easy to use too. All you have to do is decide on your style (there are 7 styles : Minimal, Relaxed, Modern, Refined, Organic, Bohemian and Edgy), then select the piece of Corian® that would suit your space, add one Corian® Design swatch and then personalise your moodboard by uploading your own patterns and photos.

In fact, I may now even go to explore Corian® for my bathroom refurbishments.

You too can try out the Moodboard Maker for free. I would love to see your designs with #Corianmoodboardmaker. Try it out here.

( All uploaded photos used for the moodboard are my own photography. This is a paid partnership post with Corian®, but all views are my own).

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