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My new yellow sofa and colourful armchairs from

Just to give you a little break from the Christmas posts, I thought I’d pop over to show you my new sofa set.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you must be wondering how many sofas does this lady have?

To be honest, I’m losing count too. Many of you may be familiar with my coral pink sofa which I have had for 2 years, and this month I learned that Living Coral is the colour of the year.

However, I’m now on to my next favourite colour. Yes it is yellow! I’m very much into Gen Z yellow at the moment.

Who knows, maybe this will make it into the next colour of the year, a year or two down the line. I’ve picked a yellow sofa because I feel that we need more happiness and optimism in the new year, after all the gloom and Brexit thing going on in the U.K.

It’s basically a ray of hope and sunshine. I was very fortunate to be able to pick and get my sofas made at

I visited their large showroom in Islington, and it was amazing the amount of stock they have on the shop floor over 2 levels.

It meant that I could try out the sofas for comfort factor.

There was also a choice of fabric samples to pick from.

I met with one of their in house designers Henriette who helped me select my sofa based on my room’s dimensions and aesthetic. yellow sofa My yellow sofa is the Harper 3 seat sofa in Canary pure matt velvet with a blue piping called Amazon.

I love its elegant scallop back.

I have also decided on 2 small single seaters that would fit in my bay window space.

The aim is to ultimately replace my coral sofa set in my living room downstairs with these new pieces.

I thought it would be fun to get bright colours into the mix, so have picked a blue and pink armchair.

In case you are wondering, the rainbow cushion is from Sophie Home. The blue one seater is called the Betty armchair, and it is the same colour as the Amazon piping of my yellow sofa. I’ve also contrasted it with an Electric Blue piping and buttons. The pink one seater ( you didn’t think I was going to give up on pink did you? ) is also the Betty armchair in Peony pure cotton matt velvet with Claret piping and buttons.

There are a variety of wooden leg finishes to select from. I picked a light oak finish to compliment my light wood  floor. I’m so pleased with my selections. What do you think of the yellow sofa?

It feels so light and bright. Here’s to an optimistic and happy 2019.

A big thank you to for a wonderful personal experience. It was such a seamless process from selection to delivery.

Finally, If you are unsure about what sofas, materials or colours, then head to one of their showrooms.

You will get great advice from their wonderful in house team. I highly recommend it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. My next post will be the Christmas tree 2018 reveal.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan. This is a paid partnership post with sofa . com)

How to style a festive Christmas table with M&S homewares.

This year I decided to celebrate Christmas with a festive room.

If you have been following me on here, you would have seen that it was originally a white room that was starting to look a bit run down and tired.

I started off by restoring my oak table with interior wax from Ronseal, and then giving the room a fresh lick of Frenchic paint. The final step in this room’s transformation, was the styling of my Christmas table, and I’ve decided to do this with the beautiful tableware collection from Marks & Spencer.

We always host a large family Christmas party in our home and it’s always a fun day.

I’ve decided to have a trial run for four here. Christmas table Since the room is so colourful, I decided that the table should be simple.

Instead of using separate placemats, I’ve used 2 table runners on either side of my Christmas table. I didn’t want to use a table cloth as I wanted to show off my beautifully waxed table. I’ve gone for elegant white plates,  plain white napkins and brass cutlery. The crockery is the 12 Piece Maxim Box dinner set from M&S. I used to go over the top with Winter foliage on my Christmas table, but I found that although beautiful, when we wanted to eat, we had to move everything away from the table.

This time I wanted decor that could stay on the table with the food.

I’ve decided to use some iconic centrepieces like paper Christmas trees, cute reindeers and a nutcracker. I’ve tried to keep the table decor harmonious with the painted wall.

So, I’ve used reds, yellows, greens and golds. I have also lit up the table with tea lights, candles and sparkly fairy lights. Don’t the lights make you feel so happy and cosy? To start, I would serve my guests some sparkly Prosecco.

How cute are these glasses from Marks & Spencer? When you have Prosecco, you need to snack on something right? I’ve used this Ash Wood Oblong Dip Platter to serve up some olives and nuts. In the background, I will burn a berry scented candle and play some soft soothing Christmas tunes.

That star serving dish is also by M&S. Here’s another view of my Christmas room with the painted pin board I created to put up my Christmas prints and cards. I love looking at the board. What do you think? Doesn’t the Christmas table look magical with a nutcracker? This beautiful white and gold Christmas crackers are also from Marks and Spencer. After the Christmas meal, we usually go for a lovely evening walk in the park. These festive mugs will come in handy for hot cocoa after the walk. Maybe, I should add a little tipple of brandy in as a treat? That Christmas art print is by Osotwee.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a little glimpse into our Christmas table and room.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership with Marks and Spencer.)

My Eames walnut bird from Vitra.

For as long as I can remember, even before I started blogging, I’ve had a passion for all things Vitra.

As you can see, I have amassed quite a collection in one of my rooms at home.

Today, I really want to talk about the Eames bird from Vitra. As you can see in my Crittall style black metal cabinet, I have two of them.

I have had the black Eames bird on the right for many years.

One day, a painter in my house knocked the black bird off the table (accidentally) and a small part of its tail chipped off.

I was totally heartbroken. My husband swiftly superglued the piece back for me and it looked as new, but deep inside I knew it was no longer the same. Eames walnut bird When Vitra released the Eames walnut bird, my heart skipped a beat. I fell in love with it at first sight.

If you have never seen or handled an Eames bird before, then let me tell you that it is indeed a work of art.

I’m not sure how it is made, but that whole piece of wood is just so perfectly sculpted and smooth. It is so elegant.

Apparently, this wooden bird was one of Charles and Ray Eames’ most treasured objects, and it stood in the centre of their living room for more than 50 years.

If you are new to the Eames, then let me introduce you – They were an American couple who were designers of some of the most iconic architecture and design pieces. Here is my super stylish and comfortable lounge chair, also an Eames classic.

Vitra doesn’t just sell Eames products, but they also champion other designers, for instance, Alexander Girard. eames walnut bird vitra As you can see, alongside my Eames birds, I have quite a collection of Girard wooden dolls.

I love what these dolls depict. There is the tenderness of love and family in them.

There is also humour, for instance the doll with the feather on its head comes across as a joker, and makes me laugh.  My cupboard directly faces the second floor hallway, and you can see it as you enter my front door.

I love having this view whenever I get home. Don’t you think my new walnut Eames bird is such a great addition to the collection? Doesn’t it look so cool next to the black one?

Can you also see that they really match my black and walnut Eames lounger? I really think this Eames walnut bird would make a great Christmas gift for a design lover.

Incidentally, my walnut bird is standing on another Eames design classic, the ‘Dot Pattern’ wool blanket. It’s another one of my treasured possessions, a Christmas gift I got last year.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and seeing my design collection.

Hopefully, this has also given you some ideas for gifts. Have a lovely day or evening wherever you are.

I will be back soon with more festive posts.

( I have done all the styling and photography myself. The vitra walnut bird was a Christmas gift to me by Vitra. All opinions in this post are my own).

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