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machine washable rugs Machine washable rugs Morrocan style by Lorena Canals.

My workspace is an ever evolving space. This weekend, I decided to add a rug into the mix.

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted a colourful Moroccan style Azilal rug but haven’t found the perfect one.

As you can see from the photo I’ve now got hold of something even better . machine washable rugs It looks like a colourful Azilal rug but the great news is that it is 100% cotton and totally machine washable, so is hypoallergenic.morrocan style machine washable rugsI’d like to introduce you to Lorena Canals rugs. I met the the owner Lorena Canals at the Paris trade fair Maison et Objet early this year, and that was the first time I was introduced to her machine washable rugs.

I never knew you could get machine washable rugs that look so incredibly stylish and on trend. My rug is called Kaarol and the colours are all made from natural dyes.

The rug has really added more gorgeous pops of colour to my workspace I love walking on it as it is super soft.  I don’t normally have many rugs or carpets at home. In fact, majority of the floors in my house are wooden or tiled, because I’m pretty sensitive to dust allergy.

It’s great that I no longer have to worry about runny eyes and sneezing from dust, with the rug being machine washable.  Finally, I thought I’d also mention that these rugs are made in India, but in a totally ethical fashion. You can read all about the great charitable work that Lorena Canal does for the children of India here.

Hope you have enjoyed this little revamp of my already decorated workspace.

What do you think about these cool machine washable rugs?

I will be back soon with more home decor ideas. In the meantime, I’d like to wish you a wonderful start to your weeks. Let’s hope this glorious Summer weather will continue.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. The rug was a kind gift to me by Lorena Canals.)

Brabantia ironing board 5 steps to more pleasurable ironing with my new Brabantia ironing board.

Where do you do your ironing? Is it in your laundry room, in front of the television or somewhere else?

Ironing can be such a mundane task, so I’m definitely for anything that can make it more joyful.

I thought I’d share with you my 5 steps to a more pleasurable ironing experience: Step 1 Stay close to storage.

I do my ironing upstairs near the bedrooms and linen cupboard.

Our laundry room is downstairs in the basement, and our home has 5 floors.

I always find it such an effort to go up and down the stairs with the ironing, so I’ve decided to do it right at the top of the house near all the cupboards. ironing board Step 2 Get a beautiful ironing board cover

Ironing is so much more pleasurable when you have something pretty to stare at don’t you think?

Check out my gorgeous new ironing board  cover from Brabantia, a collaboration with Irish designer ‘Queen of prints’ Orla Kiely. The new limited edition design is in Orla Kiely’s Flower Oval Stem print. Isn’t it just so pretty?

Love how the orange colour pops out from the grey.

The ironing board cover is made from 100% durable cotton with a resilient foam layer for ironing comfort, making it the ideal ironing surface for both normal and steam ironing.

The cover comes with a cord fastener and Stretch System, so that it is easy to fit and always smooth and taut.

I can’t believe the cover retails for only £15.50. Such a bargain for amazing design.  Step 3 Get a good ironing board with multiple adjustable heights.

If you spend a long period of time ironing, then it is essential that the ironing board is at the right level to maintain posture and comfort. My new Brabantia ironing board is amazing as it has seven heights (69 – 96 cm), easily adjustable with a handy trigger switch.

The Brabantia ironing board and cover is available to buy in John Lewis and on Amazon. Step 4 Iron in fragrance.

I use eco friendly botanically fragrant products as part of my laundry care, such as Wilton London’s laundry liquid and fabric conditioner in a Cedarwood scent. I notice they also do a Jasmine scent now.

The aroma from the essential oils as I steam iron is simply up-lifting. Step 5 Listen to some tunes

I just love having some background music whilst I iron. I pick and mix my tunes depending on my mood.

So there you have it, my 5 steps to a more pleasurable ironing experience.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership collaboration with Brabantia but all views are my own.)

Valspar color match How to stay organised and tidy with home storage solutions from Curver.

You may have recently seen this, my newly decorated work studio.

If you look close enough, you will notice that I don’t have much storage.

The messy piles of papers and props that usually crowd this room, has just relocated to the hallway. In other words, the problematic mess is still there.

Now that this room has been redecorated, I can now focus on home storage. I needed something that was accessible, stylish, but mobile.

Why mobile you may ask? Well, I use my studio often as a styling space, so I need to be able to move things around easily. home storage ideas Some of you may have seen me using Curver home storage for my wardrobe, kitchen and fridge  makeovers in the past. I really do love the functional simplicity and minimalist aesthetic of Curver products.

So it’s probably no surprise, that I’ve decided to use their Curver storage again for my work studio. I usually have a lot of paperwork. This could be invoices, bills, contracts, expenses and tax related documents.

I used to keep everything in a folder, but that folder was soon bursting at the seams. I’ve now organised all my paperwork into separate Curver Infinity drawers, each with special labels created for me by Nutmeg Wall Art. It’s really made my life easier, especially when doing my tax returns.There’s no more last minute searching for documents and receipts. Here’s a closer peek inside one of the drawers. I’ve also used curver dividers to organise my stationery. home storage with Curver As I do a lot of styling work, I have a huge collection of props. They normally look quite messy on the shelves.

I decided to categorise and group them into large Curver Infinity boxes. Again thanks to Nutmeg wall art for creating these beautiful labels for my storage. home storage Now I have boxes for art supplies, tester paint pots, china props, metal props and the list goes on. Here’s what it looks like inside one of the storage boxes. Doesn’t it just look so neat? So easy to move around too. Here’s what the boxes look like without labels. The larger Curver Infinity boxes on the floor are used to house my art prints and frames.

I’m so happy with my Curver storage boxes. It really has helped my home feel less cluttered.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Stay tuned as I’ll be back with some exciting travel posts soon. Have a lovely day.

( All photography and styling are by myself, this home storage is a paid partnership with Curver.)

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