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bohemian style at home Bohemian look at home.

I am so excited to reveal my new look workspace. Something a little bit different to my usual style.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to style a tribal bohemian look. What do you think?how to style a bohemian look at homeWhen I found out that Homesense and TK Maxx were receiving their annual delivery of woven baskets from the Rwenzori trading company, I knew I had to go buy some quickly whilst they are still in store and online this month. These vibrantly coloured handmade baskets are in limited supply.  Once sold, they won’t be replenished until the next year. The whole bohemian tribal look is so on trend at the moment.  I’ve always wanted a gallery wall of woven African baskets, but couldn’t find any with such beautiful colours and patterns until now. I’ve also used some of the deeper baskets to hold my indoor plants, which I have styled on my desk, to compliment the gallery wall. Isn’t this tray just so gorgeous? That pop of pink is simply stunning. These baskets are so pretty and you can use them in so many other ways. Here’s one with a potted plant.  I’ve also used one to store my wrapping paper supply. There is a wonderful story behind all these beautiful Ugandan baskets too.

The partnership between Homesense and TK Maxx with the Rwenzori trading company has been going on since 2011. 

Homesense ( part of the TKMaxx family ) and TK Maxx have supported and taught the Ugandan community how to craft these beautiful hand woven baskets using locally sourced materials.

The partnership has also supported the community through sales of coffee, cocoa and cotton. Did you know that the sale of 2 baskets help a Ugandan child go to school for a whole term? 

Since the start of this partnership, there has been a 40% increase in children completing their primary school education in Uganda. 

It’s amazing to see the tangible benefits of this collaboration on families in Uganda.

Each basket that I bought was only £9.99 ( though prices start at £2.99 ), and I was so happy to spend more by buying a huge collection as I knew I was supporting a great cause.

Each basket is unique, not just because they were individually handmade, but because they all come with a signed card from the artisan, making them all the more personable.If I were you, I’d go to your local home sense or TK Maxx now to snap up these beautiful works of art. You can also browse the collection online at (UK).

As they are so distinctive, they will be very popular, so will fly off the shelves quickly. You will be supporting the families in Uganda too.

I’ve recently written about how Homesense offer big brands and unique finds at great prices. There are over 50 stores in the U.K and you can find the ones closest to you here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this new workspace revamp. I’ll be back soon with some new colourful interiors reveals that I’ve been working on at home.

Have a great week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This bohemian look for the home post is a sponsored collaboration with Homesense but all opinions are my own)

teen bedroom Teen bedroom ideas in blue.

I am excited to reveal my third and final room revamp to celebrate Homesense’s 10th birthday.

If you missed the other two, I’d love for you to check out my living room and workspace refresh using my top 10 Homesense finds.

Here’s my son’s newly decorated bedroom. There’s more furnishing to be done, but for now, I’m so pleased with what I’ve found to kickstart the decor. teen bedroom Now that he is getting older, I have had to rethink the look.

The cute prints, novelty Lego boxes and alphabets duvet cover simply had to go. To be honest, I’m sad to part with them, but I have to consider that my son is now embarking on a new phase in his life.

He wanted a bold feature wall, and after several tester pots, we decided on this calming blue hue. I experimented with adding more colours to his room, but it no longer felt right. It needed calm.

We settled for a cool blue, white and black  palette. My son is currently into recording on You Tube. He’s always making little paper placards that he place outside his room saying “Please do not disturb. I’m recording “.

When I saw this Letter Board for £12.99 at Homesense, I knew I had to have it for his room.

Not only does it look great as a decor and defines what he loves to do, it’s also perfect for him to place outside his room when recording. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this blue and white striped duvet set in the bedding section of Homesense. It was the exact same blue as my son’s bedroom wall.

As his bed is white, the stripes are the perfect continuity of the blue and white colour scheme. The duvet and pillow set was such a bargain too at just £16.99. No bed is complete without a throw and cushion from Homesense. The geometric cushion, was an amazing £9.99 from an original retail price of £50.

The plaid fleecy blanket ( which my son loves to snuggle under) is great for cooler nights. I’ve balanced out the bed decor with a simple Homesense floor rug in blue and black, for £16.99. Now for the next important element, the storage.

I’m still looking for a chest of drawers to go against the wall on the far corner of his bedroom.

For now, I’ve managed to find some blue filing drawers from Homesense for £39.99 each, to keep his mountain of Pokémon game cards under control.  I also bought a blue zig zag fabric basket for miscellaneous items at £6. This huge laundry basket at £14.99 is an absolute essential in a teen bedroom, to keep those clothes off the floor. My final 2 Homesense finds is a cute nautical mug for £2.99 (rrp £7) and a book for £3.99 (rrp £9.99). I haven’t shown you the other end of his bedroom which houses his desk complete with 2 screens, a gaming computer and special gaming chair.

However, I’m pleased to report that everything fits in with the blue, white and black theme. So what do you think? My son is really pleased with his room.

It’s been so fun curating this teen bedroom decor from Homesense. Wishing Homesense a fabulous 10th birthday.

(All photography and styling are by myself, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Homesense, but all views are my own).

fridge organisation Fridge organisation made easy with Curver Smart Fresh containers.

I’ve just returned from a busy trip to Milan for Salone Del Mobile and Milan Design week. It was back to back meetings and lots of late night dinners with bubbly.

So, how should I unwind from my sleep deprived week, when back in London?

Of course I had to embark on the mammoth task of decluttering and cleaning my fridge.

Before you certify me crazy for this fridge organisation, I have to tell you that cleaning the fridge is actually strangely therapeutic.

Okay, some of you may be shaking your heads now in disbelief, but the task was actually made easier with my new Curver Smart Fresh food containers.

fridge organisation As you can see, I have given my fridge a good wipe down and threw out any out of date food.

It’s amazing how things accumulate in the back of the fridge when you are too busy to organise, don’t you think?

What I need, is to be able to open my fridge and just know what I have. What I love about the Curver Smart Fresh containers are that they are transparent , so I can do a quick visual sweep on opening and know exactly what I have, and what I can prepare. fridge oraganisation In fact, I’m a bit embarrassed to say this, but I have never seen my fridge look so organised before.

The Smart Fresh containers seal very well too, with their click shut latches, to keep everything fresh and crispy. I do have a fridge drawer for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh, but I really do prefer this container method.

There’s no more pushing a carrot to the side, past a soggy bag of Coriander, whilst in search for that half cut, but now wilted cucumber, deep inside the fridge drawer.

There is so much room in these Curver containers. Look at how many strawberries I’ve managed to pack in.

Cleaning is so much easier too. Just place the containers in the dishwasher and it’s all done. Meats and vegetables can be kept separately too. The tight click latches keep cross contamination at bay.

Who enjoys a midnight snack?

I’ve always seen on American TV, that sandwich making in the middle of the night is a routine ritual, for when one can’t sleep. Do you know what I mean?

I would often see them retrieve their sandwich making ingredients, all stored beautifully in air tight boxes.

I’m so happy I can do the same now. As you can tell, sad but true, it doesn’t take a lot to please me. Have you heard of the Home sort sisters on Instagram? They are amazing, and spend most of their time sorting and organising people’s home.

Anyway, I loved the way they label everything with beautiful writing. They were going to make me some labels but it was too difficult as they were so far away, so I enlisted the help of my fellow Brit and instagram friend, Adele from nutmeg studios to make me some.

To be honest, you don’t really need stickers for containers like these Curver Smart Fresh ones, as you can instantly see what is in them.

It was just, me being me, wanting to experiment on making my fridge even prettier.

They look great don’t they?

Oh and  before you say, where is the meat in my fridge, I have a lower shelf for that. It’s just not very pretty to photograph. Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. These Curver Smart Fresh containers are truly amazing. I’m so happy with my fridge now, that I want to show it to everyone.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan,editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaborative post with Curver on fridge organisation, but all opinions are my own).

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