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Home Spring Summer 2018 Sainsburys Home Spring Summer 2018 preview collection.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Sainsbury’s Home Spring Summer 2018 Press breakfast.

I was interested to see what the trends for next year would be. It was also fun to pick out my favourite pieces from the show, to style at home. Andrew Tanner ( Design manager at Sainsbury’s) and Rona Olds ( Head of buying for Sainsbury’s) talked us through the 7 different collections.

See if you can guess which collections I selected my products from, to style my room.

Helsinki – A Scandinavian style collection with a moody palette of Ochre and shades of Charcoal, from textiles to tableware. The Melamine from the Helsinki collection look and feel like real ceramic.

Riviera Coast – Inspired by the coastline, a nautical theme, with elements of gold, indigo blue and knots in patterns.

Meadow Inspired by the British countryside, a soft and beautiful palette.

Summer Palm House – Inspired by the opulence of Kew Gardens and the Cocktail Lounge bar at Singapore’s Raffles hotel drenched in big Palm trees. A beautiful botanical collection, combining shades of blush pinks with greens.

Casa de Cuba – A vibrant collection with tile print patterns, that can be mixed and matched.

Fiesta – It’s all about family time and spending it together in the garden during Summer. Colours are bright with lots of geometric prints.

Bohemian Wanderer – A beautiful Boho vibe with hand finished textiles and hand blown glass. Sainsbury's Home Spring Summer 2018 So, which collections do you think I selected my products from?

Unsurprisingly, I went for the colourful Casa de Cuba and Summer Palm House collections. Let me now show you around. Feast your eyes on this beautiful real marble top Copper table from the Summer Palm House collection. I’m pretty sure this will fly out of the store when it lands, because, can you believe that it’s only £45?

How amazing is that cactus plant (£24) on the marble table? You won’t believe me when I tell you it’s faux. When I saw it at the press show, I thought it was a real one, being used as a prop. I used the beautiful woven striped cotton throw from Sainsbury’s Casa de Cuba collection to add a vibrant pop of colour to the sofa. Here is a close up view of the throw and matching cushions from the same collection. Isn’t that Sardine cushion adorable, with its colourful tassels? We’ve seen large planters on stands over the past year, with the indoor plants trend, but I’ve not seen a mini version like this before. It’s just so cool, with its bright pop of sunshine yellow. Here it is on the coffee table. It doesn’t matter if the patterns clash, the more, the merrier for a visual impact. I’ve never seen a pink Cockatoo before, isn’t it sweet? This would be my dream pet, to fit in with my pink loving home.

All the new range cushions are between £12 to £16 each. Did you notice that beautiful blue, red and pink Havana pouffe with a tile pattern? That is my absolute favourite piece from Sainsbury’s Home Spring Summer 2018 collection. It’s so light and comfortable to sit on too. This giraffe planter (£20) is from Sainsbury’s Home’s Bohemian wanderer collection. It will definitely feature in my daughter’s eclectic Boho theme room revamp next year. It was such an amazing feeling to bring Summer back into my home on a cold Winter’s day. I appreciate that most people are making their homes Winter cosy now, but doesn’t this just add an instant cheer and a dose of warmth? Hope you have enjoyed my picks of Sainsbury’s Home Spring Summer 2018 collection. All the other collections are amazing too. There is something to suit every taste.

Will you be queueing at Sainsbury’s to get your hands on the best pieces when the collection comes out? I know I will. Do keep an eye on Sainsbury’s Home’s instagram account to find out more.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Do take a peek at my last post about the WGSN interiors trend talk by Lisa White at Sainbury’s Home’s press show too. It’s so interesting to learn about the new lifestyle trends on the horizon.

Have a wonderful new week.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaborative post with Sainsbury’s Home, but all opinions are my own).

Pink and gold chair St Tropez from Calligaris.

Pink is my all time favourite colour and even better when combined with gold.

Such was my passion for those colours, that I created a pink and gold board on Pinterest 4 years ago. When Calligaris asked me to get involve in their #FrameMySaintTropez campaign that celebrated their latest range of Saint Tropez chairs, I accepted instantly when I saw the pink and gold chair. For those of you who are new to the brand Calligaris, it’s a renowned Italian furniture store since 1923, who started off producing small batch artisanal chairs. Fast forward to the present, Calligaris is now part owned by the luxury giant LVMH ( Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy ).

It’s now one of the market leaders in the furniture industry, distributing to over 90 countries worldwide. I’m already a proud owner of 2 Calligaris chairs and I’m so pleased to add this to my collection. As you can see, I’ve placed my new prized pink and gold chair in my very pastel workspace. Don’t you think my Saint Tropez chair looks right at home in this space?

You’ll notice that the chair is a cohesive element that binds all the pink together. If you love my pink and gold chair then you may be in for a chance to win one, as I will be doing an Instagram giveaway on Monday 27th November. Tune in to my Instagram then to participate. Fingers crossed.

It’s Friday today, so wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Hope you will all be doing something lovely. I will be back soon with some festive Christmas posts. Looking forward to sharing them.

(All styling and photography are by and copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. I have collaborated with Calligaris on a sponsored basis, but all views and opinions are my own).

How to organise kitchen storage.

Every December, just before Christmas, I would do a kitchen declutter and reorganisation. This year I have decided to do it earlier and make use of the Curver Dry Cube and Infinity storage containers that I have acquired. Decluttering a kitchen is hard work. You would have thought that with my annual clean out, that it would be easier. I think part of the problem lies with a lack of kitchen storage solution. Hopefully now with some organisation, I can clearly see what I have, without having to buy more of the same, hence clogging up space. Better organisation would also abolish those moments of panic, when I’m cooking, and need that particular utensil, hidden within a heap of objects in the drawers. The Curver Dry Cube containers are great for storing dry food such as cereals, lentils, rice or pasta. They also make fun containers for colourful sweets. What I love about the Dry Cube kitchen storage containers, are that they have crystal clear bodies that allow food to be identified immediately, whether on a shelf or in a drawer. kitchen storage It took a while to do this declutter and organising, but doesn’t my kitchen storage just feel so nice to look at now? kitchen storage I’ve placed spice bottles into small grey Curver Infinity trays. Now all I have to do is take the tray out to find what I need, rather than scramble around the back of cupboard with a stool. Here’s the cupboard with all the dry and tinned food. Now for a little peek at my colourful mug collection. The Curver Infinity range boxes come in all  shapes and sizes, with or without covers. The smaller containers would be wonderful for organising a cutlery drawer.  Although I already have a bespoke cutlery drawer, you can have similar at a fraction of price, just by using the Curver Infinity boxes. Here’s my second tier of drawers, with my new tableware from Portmeirion. I love storing my plates this way, as I can find things much easier. Remember I mentioned my panic stricken search for utensils? These large Curver Infinity kitchen storage boxes have come to the rescue. Here’s what they look like. I’ve organised all my utensils into the boxes. One box for wooden utensils and the other one for metal. I’ve also stored table napkins into small Curver infinity boxes. So there you go, I feel so much happier now with an ordered kitchen space. Let’s hope the husband, who incidentally is a great cook and main cook in the family, keeps it that way.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this kitchen storage post. You can also read about my Wardrobe organisation post if you fancy.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by myself, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored partnership with Curver, but all views are my own.)

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