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Sainsbury's Home Helsinki Sainsbury’s Home Helsinki range for a Scandinavian inspired interior.

Simple things make me happy, like the fact that there is now light as I emerge from work and my Spring bulbs at home are sprouting.

Even though it’s still freezing cold outdoors, I’m feeling hopeful that Spring will soon be leaping out at us from hiding.

If you can’t wait, then why not bring a spot of sunshine indoors with Sainsbury’s Home Helsinki range?

I’ve done precisely that this weekend, with glorious pops of ochre yellow, from this Scandinavian inspired home collection. Doesn’t this yellow Helsinki lampshade make the indoors shine, and how cute is this wooden desk calendar?

I can already sense that 2018 will be a year of colourful Scandinavian style. These cacti and succulents in concrete planters, also from Sainsbury’s Home Helsinki range, add another dimension of warmth to my space.

At first glance, you may think that they are real, but in fact they are totally faux.

Imagine what bliss it must be, to not have to water any plants at all. Talking about ‘faux’, you need to check out the plates and mugs from Sainsbury’s Helsinki range.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought they were made of ceramic, when in fact they are melamine. The attention to detail is amazing.

That black coffee pot is from the same collection. Sainsbury's Home Helsinki Can you spot that black wire basket on my desk? It’s also from Sainsbury’s Home Helsinki range. I love that it’s just the right size for the novels and notebooks on my desk. What do you think of my Spring Scandinavian inspired workspace? That yellow is rather infectious and as you can see has extended to my bed too. Here’s a wider angle view of my bedroom. Can you spot that Sainsbury’s Home Helsinki range also do bed linen and cushions? Here’s a closer look of my bed. Aren’t those colour block cushions fabulous?

It’s amazing how this new range has transformed and refreshed my bedroom and workspace, just in a matter of an hour. Sainsburys-Home-Helsinki Everything is now available to buy at Sainsbury’s. The prices are so affordable too.

So, if you have a weekend day free and fancy a little bedroom makeover, then do check out Sainsbury’s Home Helsinki range. You can also see the other Sainsbury’s Home collections here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I will be back pretty soon with more room makeovers and decor ideas. Can’t wait to show you.

Have a lovely start to your week.

( All photography and styling are my own. This is a sponsored collaboration with Sainsbury’s Home but all views are my own).

Stylish plant containers from the Knit collection by Curver.

I’m starting to see little signs of light peeking through my shutters. January has been so wet, grey and windy hasn’t it?

I need to bring some signs of life back into my living room after all the Winter lull. Athough, I must say, I’ve noticed on Instagram that lots of people are starting to get active in their homes with repainting and decluttering. I thought I’d do some restyling, and inject some signs of Spring back into my shelf, with some greenery.

My aim will be to make this shelf a ‘living’ shelf, full of plants. It’s a great start with two right? stylish plant containers I have placed my plants in these beautiful Knit collection plant containers from Curver. Doesn’t the weave on the pots look just like real knitted textiles? It’s great because it’s durable, easy to clean polypropylene that will never discolour unlike real textile baskets. I forgot to mention that the large knit container also comes with strings and a hook attached, so you can have it as a hanging plant basket too.

I’ll have to buy a few ceiling hooks soon, as I quite fancy the idea of a collection of hanging baskets. I can’t wait to fill my shelf up with more greenery.

Curver’s Knit collection of stylish plant containers come in a variety of neutral colours and sizes. I’ll need to get more if I’m to fill my shelf up with more plants. I’m secretly hoping that Curver will come out with a pink weave version soon. What do you say Curver?

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Do follow me on instagram this weekend if you fancy. I’m off to Paris’ Maison et Objet fair as a judge to find my favourite design in the Eclectic Hall.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor and owner of Little Big Bell).

Turtle Mat Machine washable Lume Turtle Mat for a bright interior.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. For those who know my home well on Instagram, have you noticed something different about my living room?

Have you spotted my watermelon smile Lume door mat ?

Yes, you heard right, it is a door mat. I’m sure I’m right in saying that most people wouldn’t even imagine having a door mat as part of their living room decor right? This has disrupted perceptions hasn’t it? Let me tell you why I love it in my space.

Traditional door mats have a horrible rough texture, but my Lume Turtle Mat made of nylon is super soft to stand on.

Are you fed up of slipping on mats? Well, the great news is that these mats have an anti-slip rubber backing. It’s so lovely to have it firmly in place and not have to adjust it every few minutes as the kids run around.

Also, if you have elderly relatives, I would replace their mats with these. I have seen my fair share of older patients coming into the Emergency department, having tripped over loose rugs or mats. Obviously, the gorgeous design is a major factor to me allowing it in my living room. It really has such a happy vibe and has lit up my space on these dreary Winter days. Another added bonus are that they are machine washable.

It’s such a relief to have a mat that maintains its beautiful design and form after wash, so no more heart sink from those mats that come out with colour runs and crumpled textures. Lume Turtle Mat As well as being aesthetically beautiful, the Lume collection of Turtle Mats do work hard as a doormat.

They are pretty hard wearing and really do absorb all that grime and moisture from your footwear at the door, protecting your carpets and hard floor surfaces indoors.

Here’s another happy design. I’ve placed this pineapple mat by my bed as I love a bit of soft cosiness on my feet as I get out of bed.

Hope you’ll agree with me after this, that doormats don’t always have to be at doorways.

There are a multitude of areas where they can be placed, from kitchens ( especially by the sink area), to bathrooms, utility rooms and more.

I believe Turtle Mat is showing at the trade show Top Drawer this week. If you are going, you should go check their stall out.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. I’m off to Paris next week as the guest of Maison et Objet. Do follow me on instagram and insta stories, as I reveal to you the latest interiors trends.

Have a fabulous start to your weeks.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Turtle Mat, but all views are my own).

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