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26 Jan

CERAN® Miradur™ by SCHOTT CERAN®, a revolution for kitchen cooking.


Colourful-Cologne-Germany-Little-Big-Bell Last weekend, I was invited to Cologne on a press trip by sisterMAG and SCHOTT CERAN®. I was there to find out about SCHOTT CERAN®’s latest innovation, the CERAN® Miradur™, an incredibly scratch and wear resistant glass for cooktop panels.

The day started early with a flight into Frankfurt, followed by a ride on the Ice train into the heart of Cologne. As I stepped out of the station, I was instantly greeted by the beautiful architecture of Cologne ‘s cathedral.

I decided to explore the back streets of Cologne. I was delighted to discover the Old Fish market (photo above) with its colourful medieval houses, along the banks of the Rhine. Pastel-buildings-Cologne-Little-Big-Bell Pretty pastel houses were seen everywhere. I didn’t realise Cologne was so colourful. Pretty-colours-in-Cologne-Little-Big-Bell This canary yellow house was the perfect pop of bright on a cold Winter’s day. Ceran-miradur-Little-Big-Bell Time to introduce you to SCHOTT CERAN®, the co host of my trip, in partnership with sisterMAG.

In the 1960s, Schott who founded the brand, developed glass ceramic as mirror substrate for use in space telescopes. It was extremely heat resistant with no thermal expansion. Those were the ideal characteristics for cooktop panels.

In 1971, the brand SCHOTT CERAN® was born, with the production of the first black glass cooktop panels. This revolutionised cooking in the kitchen and was an instant success.

SCHOTT CERAN®’s motto of ‘never stop inventing’  led them to create CERAN® Miradur™. This was unveiled to us in Cologne.

The CERAN® Miradur™ consisted of a specially patented scratch resistant coating. The glass was as hard as diamond.

Research on the CERAN® Miradur™ had shown that it scratched 95% less from sand and 70% less from scouring pads.

There was no doubt it could withstand tough wear. We were showed how unscathed the glass was after heavy weights were dropped onto the surface.

The image above (image credit:SCHOTT CERAN®) shows the every day wear of daily living that CERAN® Miradur™ is able to withstand. No wonder it’s also called Tough Beauty. ceran-miradur-cooktop-little-big-bell The black glass of the CERAN® Miradur™ is seamless and elegant. schott-ceran-worktop LED lights could also be used to shine through the black glass in a multitude of colours. This opened up the possibilities for future functionalities and design. Sister-mag-schott-ceran-event-cologne-little-big-bell After the product demo at Kochfabrik, we were treated to an amazing dinner at the same location. The table was beautifully styled in black and white. Sister-mag-cologne-Little-Big-Bell The food was simply delicious and provided by L’escalier.
schott-ceran-tough-beauty The next day we returned to Kochfabrik for a wonderful brunch by Bastian’s, followed by a day of creative workshops.

I particularly enjoyed the photography lessons by Zoe Noble. She showed us how to shoot on reflective surfaces. Here’s a super sharp, non reflective image of some glasses I shot on a piece of CERAN® Miradur™. Chocolate-dessert-Cologne We also learned how to make chocolate pudding with Törtchen, Törtchen. They were so delicious and surprisingly easy to make.

There was also an interesting design workshop with Uxperten, where we quizzed our partners about our cooking habits, then came up with creative solutions to address them. ceran-miradur-1 Towards the end of the day, we headed out to the imm Cologne design fair.

We visited a few brands such as Bosch, who used the SCHOTT CERAN® glass for their appliances.
Schott-ceran-miradur I must admit I didn’t know much about the award winning SCHOTT CERAN® brand before I went to Cologne. I was glad I went, as I’ve learned so much.

SCHOTT CERAN®  is an amazing brand with a passion and drive to innovate and create the kitchen of our futures. Importantly I was impressed with how they do this whilst maintaining a respect for aesthetics and design.

A big thank you also to the team at sisterMAG who organised the successful trip, food and workshops. Cologne-city-Little-Big-Bell I leave you with another colourful street view of Cologne.

I’m off to LA and Palm Springs this week, so do follow along my instagram to see what I get up to.

( All photos unless stated are by me Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaborative post with SCHOTT CERAN® and sisterMAG. All opinions and text written are my own).

  1. Dear Geraldine, thank you so much for being with us at this Event. It was so interesting to get to know all of you. Thanks for your Report and your very Special words about our brand and our product Innovation. Best regards, Christina from SCHOTT CERAN®

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you so much for having me Christina. I had a great time. x

  2. Wow! Love the shot from underneath so you can really see its durability. Your pics of cologne are gorgeous too. It’s on my travel list!

  3. Looks like a lovely trip Geraldine – what great weather you had! And LA/Palm Springs.. not jealous of that at all!! 😉

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