David Shrigley posters from his online store Shrig shop.

shrig shopThese fun David Shrigley posters from his online shop Shrig shop, arrived in the post this weekend. It was such a wonderful surprise and made my day.

I instantly put them up above my work desk. The colours are perfect for this space too.

I’ve loved his work since I saw them displayed at Sketch, a fabulous place for afternoon tea.

For those who don’t know him, David Shrigley is a UK visual artist known for his humorous cartoons.

His illustrations have an almost deliberate childlike quality, presented with handwritten tongue in cheek captions, and sometimes a dark, dry humour.

Apparently, Shrigley never draws anything twice, so what you see is how he first creates it, including the handwritten text.david shrigley shrig shopThe words he uses are relatable, witty and at times conflicting.shrig shop david shrigleyWhat do you see and interpret when seeing these two posters?

The blue bird one states ” You are too close, please move back” and the pig one says ” Some of my best friends are Pigs”.

I see 2 things with the bird one, one very aptly related to the Pandemic, and the other, as if I’m taking the photo and the bird is too close.

However, after a little more analysing, it could be about invasion of personal space don’t you think?

With the pig picture, I instantly took a liking to it, because I’m born in the year of the pig and truly many of my best friends are from the same year.

I guess it could also have a deeper meaning about laziness or tidiness.  It’s fun that you can interpret it in any way.

I love his child like drawings too, and use of colours.

Finally, do you see the two posters interacting together? Pig trying to be friendly but bird not wanting to be friends with pig. That made me laugh. I didn’t intend to put them together that way.

Anyway, David Shrigley does sell some amazing limited edition prints too, some fetching quite significant prices.

However, you can too can own a piece of David Shrigley’s work , because you can buy these more affordable posters in his online store  Shrig shop.

Shrig shop is based in Copenhage, and co-founded with Gallerist Nicolai Wallner. Do check it out.

( photography and styling by Little Big Bell. Art posters from Shrig shop were gifted).

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