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27 Aug

Designer Zoo in Copenhagen, a cool design concept store



Whilst in Copenhagen, I came across Designer Zoo, a concept store for Danish craft and design. I have selected my favourites for this post. Some of the items are new finds, not seen in the mainstream shops of Copenhagen.

The above colourful containers are by All That Clay, designed by Signe Schjoth. They all come with a contrasting neon acrylic lid. I’m loving the colours that are very this season – mint green, dark grey, Indigo blue and a nude coral.

All-that-Clay-at The-Designer-Zoo-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell-blog

Here are more from All That Clay. I love the diamond accessory and have purchased one in Coral.

Chalky colours and bevel cut seem very popular. The above cups are by Anne Jorgensen. Do take a look at the other beautiful colours on her website. I’m liking the ones in pink.

Keis and Fiedler ceramics photo by Little Big Bell blog

The shades used by Keis and Fiedler for these handmade tea light holders are so tempting, so much so that I bought one. The pale pink and mint green one now sits beautifully on my shelf at home.

Now for the glazed pottery collections that caught my eye. Love these jars by Malene Helbak. A calming splash of colour to any kitchen worktop.

Malene’s collection in stripes are equally striking. Her colour selections perfect for a mood board compilation.

I remembered first seeing and liking Finnsdottir’s ceramics whilst in Stockholm. Their work now seem highly popular, spotted in most design stores of Copenhagen.


Here they are in black and white.


These glassware by Bettina Schori are so delicate. The way they have been sculpted look so beautiful.

These sunny hand casted porcelain by Lars Rank Keramik are a true cheer on any shelf. Liking their quirky asymmetric form.

Hope you have enjoyed my picks from this must visit store, have a lovely week all. x

  1. beautiful ceramics! Hard to pick my favourite one but the yellow vases by Lars Kank are gorgeous … i didn’t see this shop when I was in Copenaghen. It is now in my “to do list”. Thank you G for the tour and the nice pictures. Have a lovely evening xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hello lovely, definitely worth a visit. More a chance finding for me too. x

  2. I was hoping that you would managed to fit Designer Zoo too. My sister used to live right next door so I always went in to have a chat. Toni x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Designer zoo was pretty much a chance finding for me and so please to have discovered the shop. Have a great week Toni. xx

        1. littlebigbell Post author

          Oh, I should have scrolled back, thanks so much for telling me all the lovely places in cph. xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      They are lovely aren’t they? no wonder so many shops are now starting to stock them. Lovely to have you back Heidi, hope you are well? Have a wonderful week ahead. x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hi Anya, discovered by chance but definitely a lucky find. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and have a good week too x

  3. Oh, this is one of my favorite posts and would have ruined myself in this shop! I’ll google now most of the brands. Fantastic, Geraldine!

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Gudy, I thought of you when I went to this shop. I knew how much you loved pottery and ceramics. xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Will 🙂 Enjoying the colours of your holiday too.

  4. Oh I like Malene’s collection, quite unexpected! I would have loved to see your suitcase when you arrived home Geraldine;-) M x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hi Mel,
      I’ll do a post of my purchases soon. Can’t believe I spent so much x

  5. Jocelyn Casey

    Geraldine, this is a lovely post! I must admit, I collect vases of all sorts and these are new to me. Thank you for sharing all your great finds, they are much appreciated and noted. Take good care. Jocelyn x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hi Jocelyn,
      lovely to have you visit the blog Jocelyn. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post. Have a wonderful week ahead xx

  6. Simon Refn

    Hey. I like your blog from Copenhagen. I too live in Gunlogsgade, in the same building that you did 🙂 Next time you visit the city, I recommend that you visit strandstraedekeramik for some extrordinary unique ceramic art.

  7. Lauren

    I’m so glad I visited your blog… I will be staying in Copenhagen for a week next month and can’t wait to check out all the spots you recommend. They all look fantastic! Especially the Louisiana! Thank you!

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hi Lauren, great to meet you, I know Doris has mentioned lovely things about you 🙂 Have a fun trip to Copenhagen, it’s such a wonderful city. xx

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