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Eco friendly cleaning products by Homethings.

Eco friendly cleaning products by Homethings.I’m always on the lookout for eco friendly cleaning products for the home, and it helps if it cleans sparklingly well, smells good and has a beautifully designed bottle too.

This morning, I had the opportunity to try out Homethings, which was also featured on the popular TV show Dragon’s Den.

My bathroom was in desperate need of a clean.Eco friendly cleaning products by Homethings.I was sent the Keep It Clean kit to try out. The box set comprised of three 100% recycled plastic bottles and 3 cleaning tabs.

Eco friendly cleaning products by Homethings.The 3 different tabs covered most cleaning roles.

Baththings spray is great for shower trays, bath tubs, tiles, taps and sinks.

Shinythings is perfect for for glass, mirrors, stainless steel and anything reflective.

Allthings will work its wonders on quartz, stainless steel, laminates, stone, marble and sealed wood.Rather than having to lug heavy bottles of cleaning products at the supermarket, the water component just needs to be filled at home.

For best results, Homethings advises using lukewarm water to dissolve the tabs, then wait for the tabs to fully dissolve before attaching the nozzle.

They also advise spraying and waiting 10-15 seconds before wiping for stubborn stains. Eco friendly cleaning products by Homethings.Here they are all filled.Eco friendly cleaning products by Homethings.The cleaning products are all non toxic.

One of the key ingredients of these sprays is Citric Acid, which they say is a great natural antibacterial agent.

The products are not biocidal, so although effecive at removing bacteria from surfaces, they don’t necessarily kill all microorganisms present.I actually enjoyed cleaning the bathroom this morning for a change, because the scents were amazing.

Allthings smells of Grapefruit and Mandarin, Baththings smells of Lavender and Tonka, and Shinythings smells of Peony.

All scents are free of Phthalates, and the products are certified Vegan and cruelty free.To illustrate what the desperate state my bathroom was in, here’s a Before photo, where the concrete stone basin was stained by limescale and water marks.

As you can see, the taps were in an equally ‘in need of attention’ state.I used the Allthings spray to clean the basin, and the stains on the stone was effectively removed after leaving the spray on for at least 15 seconds before wiping.

I used Baththings for the taps and brass spout. As you can see it’s now super shiny.The mirrors had a good wipe down with the Shinythings spray.

I used both a wet cloth and then a dry cloth to buff and polish the mirrors.The bathroom feels so fresh and clean now. It smells amazing too.

Not sure how long this will last, once the family descends on it again.

Well, at least I now have my hero eco friendly cleaning products to tackle the dirt and grime.

You can subscribe to the cleaning tabs by post too. Do take a look at Homethings’ site.

Their reviews are amazing, and I agree.

( AD – The products were sent to me to try out for this review).

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