Eco-friendly DIY and building products by Hippo.

Eco-friendly DIY and building products

It’s great that the construction industry is waging a war on waste plastics with eco-friendly DIY and building products.

In the UK it is estimated that 150 million used plastic sealant and adhesive cartridges are sent to the landfill each year.

The construction industry accounts for a quarter of the plastic consumed in the UK, making it the second largest consumer of plastic.

Tembé DIY and Building Products Ltd who supply to major wholesale and retail outlets, have launched a green range, under its Hippo brand of sealants and adhesives to reduce its plastic usage.

Common plastic cartridges used to seal around a bath or shower are non biodegradable.

Hippo has replaced their standard plastic cartridges with new Eco-Pacs made of aluminium foil ‘sausage’ packaging. Eco-friendly DIY and building productsThese eco-friendly DIY and building foil products generate 96% less waste and less than 1% plastic compared with standard cartridges.

The foil sausages can accommodate 38% more product for the same cost as a plastic cartridge.

Hippo offers a range of 14 foils for all jobs within the adhesive, filler and sealant categories.Eco-friendly DIY and building productsThe Hippo Pro advanced range of sealants, fillers and adhesives are available from builders’ merchants throughout the UK.

It’s great to see eco-friendly DIY and building products on the market. It’s definitely something we should all support.

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