Tips on how to do the laundry the Eco-friendly way.

laundry-the-eco-friendly-way-little-big-bellIn a recent research commissioned by LG Electronics, over a quarter of British people polled considered the environment and climate change to be their biggest concern for future generations. This was even ahead of fears around the cost of living. Do you have concerns for the environment when it comes to doing your laundry? If so, I thought I’d share a few tips on how you could do it in an Eco-friendly of the 2000 UK adults surveyed, 20% were willing to forgo a bath and 24% to not take flights in an attempt to make a difference.

When it came to clothing and laundry, the survey revealed some very interesting facts. Over a quarter of those surveyed said they would put off washing clothes for environmental reasons.

Around 40% of women questioned said they would wear their jeans up to three times before washing, whilst 19% of men were willing to hold out until after 11 wears.

The survey revealed that around a fifth of men confessed to re-wearing their underwear up to three times before washing them. eco-friendly-washingHere are 8 tips on how to do the laundry the Eco-friendly way.

1.Wash in full loads.

The survey from LG showed that 5% of people did their laundry at least once a day, compared to 73% who on average will do 11 washes a month, and only when loads are full.

2. Use Environmentally friendly and biodegradable detergents or soap powders.laundry-the-eco-friendly-way-by-little-big-bell3. Consider drying your clothes outdoors.

4. Reduce energy expenditure by reducing the temperature of the wash.laundry-energy-efficient-little-big-bell5.Make your own Eco-friendly detergent. Here’s a recipe for detergent to share.

6. Avoid unnecessary ironing or dry cleaning.

7. Use non-Chlorine bleach.lg-centum-system-little-big-bell8. Upgrade to an energy efficient washing machine.

LG has recently launched its Centum System technology washing machine. It’s a nod to being environmentally considerate. These energy efficient washing machines come with a 20 year warranty.

LG’s unique Centum system utilises a new damping system with shock absorbers, similar to those found in cars. With its fixed tub system, it boasts one of the quietest spin cycles on the market with less wear and tear to garments.

The Energy Saving Trust did an independent review of the LG Centum System washing machine, and tests revealed it to use 217kWh less electricity every year than an A+ rated model of the same size. This is a saving of 67% of the usual electricity running costs.laundry-the-green-way-photo-by-geraldine-tan-little-big-bellI’m happy to have discovered LG’s new energy saving Centum System washing machine. It would definitely be an option for when I need to replace my existing one.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tips. I think I may attempt to try out that Eco-friendly detergent recipe too.

Wishing you all a lovely start to your week.laundry-1-the-eco-friendly-way-by-little-big-bell

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a collaborative post with LG).


  1. Do you know it is soo true you can save the envirronment in so many ways, if you just think about what you do, and how you do it. We are quite green here in Denmark, but I still make an effort to ‘go-green’ where I can. Great and informative post Geraldine, thank you very much, and have a lovely week.
    A xx

  2. I can’t believe that people confess to washing their pants after every three wears!! I love a bit of eco powder and try harder to cut back on how much energy I use in my home. Good ideas here.

  3. We just purchased a new washing machine and just being able to have a larger load made such a difference! Instead of 3-4 loads a week, I’m only doing 1-2 which means less water and energy waste 🙂 We also don’t have a dryer which reduces energy consumption and I’m hesitant to buy one for that reason alone. In the summer, it’s always easier 😉 I’ve yet to make my own washing detergent however! Interesting post! xx

  4. Some great tips! I try to wash on a lower temperature and dry the clothes outdoors in the summer, would love a new washing machine! x

  5. Really interesting post Geraldine, we are quite energy conscious with the washing but there are some tips here we could use. Glad to hear I can finally use my lack of ironing as a way to save the environment – hadn’t considered that before lol !

  6. Interesting post – I’m off to check out the detergent recipe idea!

  7. We’ve been really conscious of how much we use our washing machine since doing the Live Lagom project with Ikea. There are some great tips here. Bring back summer so we can dry on the line again!

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