City electric bicycle by E-Trends making the commute to work easier.

An electric bicycle to make tackling hills and headwinds a breeze, sounds like music to my ears. I haven’t taken the overground train, Uber or bus to work for nearly a year now. This was all since the Pandemic hit.

In fact, I have been walking to work, as part of my health drive but also to avoid the dreaded Covid virus in confined spaces.

I haven’t really entertained the idea of riding a bike, because my route to work involved many steep hills. Walking just seemed easier, because I could take my time.

That all changed with my new E-trends City electric bicycle, which its 250W motor and an easy recharge time of only 5-6 hours.

Even without the battery power, the 6 speed Shimano gears make cycling on difficult terrains easier.

With a turn of a key, before cycling, everything is turned on for a seamless switch to electric when needed.

There are 3 different pedal power assist modes for this electric bicycle.

Once on and using, I feel like a pro cyclist up a hill, no more struggling with the pedals on manual mode. The electric power provides assistance up to 25km/h.

Comfort makes cycling a pleasant experience, and the adjustable handlebars and sprung saddle helps with that.

Aesthetic is an important component of the design, and I love how my E-trends City bicycle has that classical bicycle look, but brought up to 21st century with its technology.

Other features are that the City bike comes with front and rear mud guards, LED front and rear lights.

It has front V and rear drum brakes, 26 inch wheels with Aluminium rims, a front basket and rear pannier.

My husband loves using this bike. One thing to mention is that the bike is not as light as a normal pedal bike and that is to be expected. Overall, our experience is positive.

Do check out the E-Trends website. they have a broad range of electric bicycles on offer.

( All photography are copyright of Little Big Bell. The bicycle was provided for review).


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