My Emma Bridgewater VQ radio,a Christmas gift for music lovers.

emma-bridgewater-music-system-photo-by-little-big-bellChristmas has come early to me this year, in the form of this beautiful gift, a vintage inspired VQ radio called the Retro MK II. You too can get one in a special pre-sale access to the Black Friday deal from 5pm on Tuesday 22nd November on QVC.

I can’t believe I’m listening to the radio again. I’m not sure why I stopped. The last radio player I owned was so long ago, it is now long gone. It was an analog radio.

I can still remember it keeping me company into the early hours of the morning, whilst I revised for my exams.

Nowadays, I listen to music via YouTube on the computer or stream music from Spotify via a bluetooth speaker.

This digital radio is a game changer for me. I now just click, and my favourite preset radio station will sing out in crystal clear quality. FM is still available as an option if so desired.
vq-retro-mk-ii-stereo-sound-system-photo-copyright-little-big-bellHowever, it is more than just a radio, it is a sound system with many cool features.You can also stream music via Spotify and dock your i-Pod to play from your own playlist.

There is also a dual alarm feature which you can set for separate weekday and weekend wakings.

The Retro MK II is charged via standard mains and has a rechargeable battery pack. christmas-gift-emma-bridgewater-citrus-design-music-system-photo-by-little-big-bellNot only do I get happy tunes now, but look at the cheerful design of my radio. The Retro VQ MK II’s leatherette wraps come in a choice of designs and 11 colours.

The Oranges design is by British designer Emma Bridgewater. Oranges are just so festive this time of the year aren’t they?

My radio is now my constant companion, following me from kitchen to workspace.
digital-radio-vq-emma-bridgewater-photo-and-styling-by-little-big-bellHere it is in my workspace with my matching Oranges Emma Bridgewater mug. As you can see, I’m listening to my favourite radio channel, Capital Oranges design is just a joy to look at don’t you think?emma-bridgewater-digital-radio-photo-by-little-big-bellIt’s like a ray of sunshine that makes me smile as I work away at my desk.
christmas-gift-idea-for-her-little-big-bellHere it is in my kitchen where I stream music from my phone.decorating-with-orange-and-yellow-photo-by-little-big-bellThis vq radio is really amazing. I’ve tried and tested it and love it. emma-bridgewater-and-vq-mk-ii-digital-radio-little-big-bellIf you’d like your own Retro MK II, remember to access your special ‘too good to miss’ pre-sale Black Friday deal here from Tuesday 22nd November 2016.

There are 6 Emma Bridgewater designs overall. Which one is your favourite. Vote here. Wishing you a wonderful week.

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with VQ. All opinions are my own).


  1. Beautiful styling and photographs. I love all the Emma Bridgewater prints – maybe I could have one in each room! Have a great day. x

  2. it’s so cool and cute!

  3. Looks fab G – I’m always amazing at the huge array of colours and styles they have on offer!

    • littlebigbell

      Thanks Kate. So happy to recently discover VQ radios. Love the colours they have on offer. x

  4. I love listening to the radio. Not seen one like this before with built in iphone port. Like the orange (or is it satsuma?) cover. Nice

  5. Oh i love that you’ve got the matching mug! The pattern is so so cute.

  6. What a lovely, zesty design, it works so well on the radio. Methinks I may have to check out the pre-sale on Tuesday….

  7. I was the same Geraldine and never really listened to the radio until I got my first VQ model. Now it’s on all the time. Your marmalade radio looks absolutely fab the way you’ve styled it. It’s such a bright and happy pattern.

  8. I LOVE the bright colours of this radio, and how you have styled it. Your desk area looks perfect with this radio sat there.

  9. Love my VQ too. They’re great aren’t they!? That zingy orange design looks perfect in your office. Fab colour!x

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