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Etsy Awards 2016I am so excited to be partnering with Etsy UK again, and this time it’s to announce the UK and Ireland Etsy Awards 2016.

Etsy is a marketplace where millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make,sell and buy unique goods.

The aim of this award is to celebrate and support local makers and designers throughout the UK and Ireland.

There are six award categories – Kids & Babies, Fashion & Accessories, Home & Interiors, Retail star ( in partnership with John Lewis), Etsy New Talent ( in partnership with Design Trust) and People’s choice ( voted for by the public).

The prizes all sound amazing. The People’s Choice winner will win a £10,000 small business grant. For all others, there will be a chance of winning one of five small business grants worth £2500.

Winners will also have their products exhibited at TENT in London Design Festival during September 2016, and receive top level business advice from industry experts.

One lucky winner will have the chance for his/her products to be stocked with retail giant, John Lewis.Cactus-cushion-by-Home-by-Bear-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellTo celebrate the launch of Etsy Awards, I decided to style up my newly curated collection of products from Etsy UK.

Read on to find out………..
Green-velvet-sofa-with-pink-photo-and-styling-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellI decided to pick products based on three of my favourite colours ( greens, pinks and golds) and my current obsession for all things cacti.

This Prickly Pear print cushion in pink and green is by Home By Bear. Doesn’t it look wonderful on my Sage green sofa from Habitat?Cacti-prints-by-Amy-Rochester-Designs-Etsy-UK-photo-and-styling-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThese black and gold Risograph Cactus prints are by Amy Rodchester Designs and the Cactus green glitter party garland is from Confetti Day.

That cactus garland would be the perfect decor for a Cowboy theme party, don’t you think?Cactus-trend-for-the-home-Etsy-Awards-photo-by-Little-Big-BellMy sage green sofa was just the perfect backdrop to showcase all my Etsy finds.
Cactus-print-by-Alice-Potter-styling-and-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellCheck out this colourful cactus print by Alice Potter. Love how Alice combines her colours. The Emerald and Sage greens amongst the pinks and reds.Etsy-Design-awards-2016-photography-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellHere’s another view of the room.Cactus-home-decor-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThis colourful cacti tea towel is from Maggie Magoo Designs.Maggie-Magoo-designs-cacti-tea-towel-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellLook at all the shades of green and those colourful, patterned pots holding the cacti.Green-velvet-sofa-from-Habitat-and-Etsy-prints-photo-by-Little-Big-BellTake a peek at my side table, do you spot some colour block pots in pastel and gold?Colourful-pots-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell

Feast your eyes on these beauties. The pots have been hand painted by Boe Holder of This Way to the circus.

Picture how gorgeous a shelf would be, with a colourful collection of her painted pots.Colourblock-pots-from-This-way to-the-circus-photo-and-styling-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellHere’s one up close.Print-by-made-by-molu-Etsy-UK-photo-by-Little-Big-BellJoining the pots, is a super cute print from Molu Printshop. This print has been specially chosen by my daughter for her bedroom.

You can probably tell that she’s a ‘Mean Girls’ fan. Come to think of it, so am I.Etsy-UK-curate-2016-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThis abstract Giclee print is by Honeymoon hotel. Love it for its simplicty and colour palette.Etsy-design-awards-uk-2016-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell

Hope you have enjoyed my curated picks from Etsy.

There are so many talented makers and it was seriously difficult to narrow down my favourites.

Perhaps you are one of my undiscovered favourites?

If you have a special hidden talent in arts, crafts, ceramics, photography and more, why not open an Etsy shop now? You are eligible for the Etsy awards on opening a shop. You can also get started with 20 free listings, by entering this code ETSYAWARDSUKIRELAND here.

Do participate in the Etsy Awards to win one of the amazing prizes. That grant sounds tempting doesn’t it? Perfect for helping one kickstart their creative career.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and good luck in the awards, if you do participate.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This post has been done in collaboration with Etsy UK. All opinions are my own.)


  1. Beautiful styling and photographs as always. I can imagine the competition for the Etsy awards will be really fierce. So many wonderful sellers on there. Xx

  2. Oh I love all the cactus decor and those little pots are just so sweet. It’s funny that I just today received a ceramic cactus vase and I love it. Your post makes me feel very summery!! xx

  3. That all looks stunning! The greens work so well together and I love ALL of the photo frames. The styling is beautiful

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