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Quality Fitted wardrobes at affordable prices that add value to a home from My Fitted Bedroom.

Fitted wardrobes for storage is an important consideration when renovating a home. My Fitted Bedroom was the perfect one stop shop for this.

As you can see , they have made me a custom wardrobe for coats in my living room.

I like made to measure fitted wardrobes to standalone ones because of their clean, elegant and seamless look.

Also, I find standalone wardrobes collect a lot of dust in the hard to get gaps on the sides and tops of the wardrobes.

The images below gives you a taste of the “Before” phases.

Previously, we had a standalone coat cabinet in the entryway. It stood in front of a window.Here’s the window to the communal hallway, a source of natural lighting.

As it was rather dark inside this part of the flat, a coat cupboard blocking light out again was a definite no go.

There wasn’t another space in the entryway for a coat cupboard, so I had to look elsewhere.The space I identified, as you can see from the “Before” image above, is an alcove in the living room with an outdated display glass cabinet.

I will show you more “After images” soon.Next, I also wanted some fitted wardrobes in my bedroom revamp.

Here’s the identified corner space in the original bedroom. Not a pretty sight right?

I’m sure many who have obtained quotes from carpenters before can relate that bespoke made wardrobes are not cheap.

I’ve seen lots of home instagram content creators do their own fitted wardrobe IKEA hacks too, but I’m not convinced they would stand the test of time.

My Fitted Bedroom was my choice based on their years of expertise, their customer reviews and  competitive prices.

The savings passed on are because the wardrobes come straight from the manufacturer.

The whole process for me, from design, order, to fitting of the wardrobes was as anticipated – seamless and professional.

I had a home visit from one of the My Fitted Bedroom designers. He measured the space and then showed me the door sample types available, including colours and handles.

We discussed the functions of the wardrobes, to plan out their interior spaces.

I went for a Shaker style door called Elise for the bedroom, and a contemporary door called Gabriella for the living room.

The designer took his time to explain all the available products to me. He showed me the 2 types of Shaker doors I could select from.

There was the traditional classic one with a wider border and the more modern Shaker one with a slimmer border and wider internal panel. I went for the latter.

He also showed me all the colour swatches. I decided on a light grey hue called Dove Grey.

He also showed me a range of wardrobe door handles they stocked.  There were so many different styles and finishes to pick from.

However, you could also use your own door handles and I went with that.

Finally, CAD drawings with measurements were prepared for manufacturing ( see photo above). 

Before the manufacturing, I had a visit from a surveyor to recheck all the measurements. 

After a short wait, one of their expert fitters visited the flat to put up the wardrobes. fitted wardrobes installationHere’s the fitter from My Fitted Bedroom putting up my new Coat wardrobe in the living room.

Everything was put together so diligently and professionally.Here he is putting up the bedroom wardrobe.Now for all the final looks.

This is how the new coat wardrobe looked in the living room once finished. The door type is called Gabriella and in a dove grey finish.fitted wardrobesHere you can see it in the decorated living room.

There are central grooves to open the wardrobe doors, so no need for additional handles.fitted wardrobesThis is what the interior of the wardrobe looks like. I’ve gone for a coat hanger that traverses front to back rather than across to maximise on the width space for the coats.

The shelf below can store shoes.Here’s a wider angle view of the not so pretty original bedroom. Here is the finished wardrobe in the redecorated space.

The Shaker style doors are called Elise. I bought the brass handles myself.

The wardrobe looks elegant and stylish don’t you think?fitted wardrobes shaker styleIt really gives the room that understated modern period look I wanted to achieve. fitted wardrobes from my fitted bedroomThis is what the interior of the wardrobe looks like.fitted wardrobesAs you can see, I have hanging racks for dresses, shirts and shelves for jumpers and handbags. The drawers are perfect for storing underwear and fashion accessory pieces.

There are 2 mirrors, so two people can get ready together if they so desire.

So, what do you think? I really like the overall finish of the fitted wardrobes. They make a room look polished and upmarket.

I’m certain they have added value to the flat, and will certainly contribute to a tidy space.

I will definitely be using My Fitted Bedroom again for any future fitted wardrobes projects. A big 10/10 from me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the transformation of my Fitzrovia flat. I will be back with more Interiors posts soon.

( All photography are copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

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