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Hackney flea market – what I bought and how I styled it at home.

Hackney Flea marketHackney flea market here I come! That was my instant response to this partially ripped poster on a warm Sunday morning last weekend.

I used to love exploring vintage markets many years ago before kids, but that waned. However, that passion has reignited, partially influenced by my daughter’s love for thrift shopping.

Moreover, it’s a great sustainable way to shop right?

Ready to see what I bought?

Hackney Flea marketHow pretty are these pastel fruit theme jelly moulds? I just couldn’t resist their happy colours.

Anyhow, whilst I was paying for these, my eyes were distracted by a pop of red.

Hackney Flea marketI spotted this red bamboo mirror sitting amongst a variety of odds and ends.

I knew this would be perfect as a dressing table mirror for my daughter’s room, and promptly managed to bargain it down from £30 to £22.

Hackney Flea market red bamboo mirrorAfter a little clean and wipe down, we placed it above my daughter’s dressing table. What do you think?

I have a thing for red. I wrote an article recently about The Unexpected Red theory in my home, if you fancy reading it here.

My daughter’s dressing table with the chest of drawers is from Montana furniture. This is a custom colour piece.

I love how the fun cherry theme wallpaper in the opposite wall reflects on the mirror.

Hope you have enjoyed this post about my finds at the Hackney Flea market.

If you are interested i going, they are doing several other dates as per the poster in the first image. There are lots of homeware and vintage clothing bargains to be had.

Anyway, I will be back some time this week with more red furniture reveals. Have a lovely week.

( All photos are copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor and photographer of Little Big Bell).

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