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How to create colourful gallery walls with Etsy UK.

How to create a colourful gallery walls with Etsy UK.

Whenever the long Easter holiday weekend approaches, I get that urge to redecorate my home. Is that the same for you too?

If you, like I, don’t have much time for a major refurbish, nor want to spend too much money, then there is another way.

I find using a few key pieces of home accessories, can really refresh a space and give it a different look. This can all be achieved without having to break the bank.

My favourite place to hunt for those unique and quirky cool pieces, is the online market place that is Etsy UK.

I have redecorated a few rooms at home, with my new buys. Hope you enjoy seeing the transformation. I have mainly focused on gallery walls in my Spring refresh.

There is so much to find on Etsy UK. Here’s a little corner dedicated to all lovers of pink, cats and donuts.

The confetti cat plush is by Julia Staite, the pink yellow party ring cushion is by Hey Kitsch Kitty, and the cat mug is by Prints made with love.
Here’s my workspace. I spend a lot of time in here, editing photos and writing blog posts.
I love to surround myself with the happy, creative and inspiring work of others. What do you think of my new colourful gallery wall?gallery-wallsI have replaced some of my old prints with these new finds.

From top left to right:

Top row

My existing mint ink’d print by I’m not sure if these are still being produced, but I highly recommend Becky’s super cool Etsy store.

WTF print is by Molu type shop , ‘Thou shall get her money’ print by Girl Visual, Heroes David Bowie print is by Kittys Prints GB .

Middle row

Cactus print by Alice Potter, Good Vibes print by The Native State, Baked Beanz print by You Make Me Designs.

Bottom row

Colour block print by Studio Onto, Floral print with peonies by And smile, Botanical print by Hej And Hello CreativeHere is a better view of the do you think? Do you like it? How does it compare to the old gallery wall here .This sunshine yellow shelf sits adjacent to my other workspace, above a sofa.

I wanted my shelf to be fun and full of life. I was so excited to have discovered these colourful pop art style prints.

The Beanz and bubble gum prints are by You Make me Designs. The Adventure Awaits print is by Colours Prints.
I have added a large cactus print from Seventy tree next to the shelf and a few fun pastel cushions from Etsy UK. The Custard cream and Jammy heart cushions are by Nikki Mc Williams.You can see the whole room here. The cactus garland is from Confetti Day.

What do you think of this gallery wall?I bought this vintage American desk a while back. My kids loved sitting here to do their homework. They have now outgrown it, but I’ve still kept it. I’ve styled the desk to show you how it would look like now. I really feel that decorating a child’s space, need not always be superheroes and child centred art. They appreciate a space, as long as it feels fun and happy.

The London illustrated map is by Livi Gosling, the pen pot is by We are paper planes, the Mini plant book is by This Way to the circus, the Sprinkles zip pouch is by Julia Staite and the mini cactus face planter is by Big Fat Dreams.

gallery-wallsNow we go downstairs, to peek at my living room. Here is another one of my gallery walls.

I have replaced the oversized art that normally sits over my sofa with these A3 sized art prints. I have bought some new cactus theme cushions to add to my existing collection. The cactus cushion at the far left is by NJS Boutique Co. and the cactus kitty cushion is by The Blue Rabbit Gifts.These beautifully painted cactus pots were sent to me by Mary-Ann of Hello Marilu. Aren’t they so pretty? Mary-Ann also runs workshops on how to create these pots.Here’s my whole living room refresh. How do you like it?That Fiddle Leaf fig tree in the corner is  one of my most favourite possessions. It was a Mother’s Day gift from my kids. The plant really pulls the room’s decor together don’t you think?Anyway, hope you have enjoyed seeing my Spring refresh at home, and how I have styled my gallery walls.

I have also re-styled my son’s bedroom, but will show you the full tour next week.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Etsy UK. All selections and opinions are my own).


  1. I need to make a gallery wall in the lounge – and this is great inspiration. Thanks Geraldine, and have a wonderful Easter.
    A x

  2. I love the new looks, so light and bright ❤

  3. Love these picks! The WTF print really made me smile 🙂 it’s right up my street.

  4. Hey Geraldine, I’m super nosy so I loved having a peek at your home tour! I love all of your prints, especially the ones in your work space. And that little American desk is gorgeous! x

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Claire, lovely to meet you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the little peek into my home 🙂 x

  5. WOW! you have such a great eye for colour… you make me want to bring more colour to my rooms! Love the prints but also the cat plush… crazy cat lady here!


  6. love it!!!! it´s perfect!

  7. Loving that Beans print and the 3 above your sofa the best! Gorgeous images, great post

  8. Fabulous selection of prints there G – I need the WTF one in my life, hahah! x

  9. Love the space! Was great seeing them on Etsy UKs Instagram!

  10. Beautiful colourful gallery walls, I love all the cactus prints and cushions! x

  11. your gallery walls ALWAYS cheer me up.

  12. Absolutely beautiful! I love that they’re all so versatile meaning you can swap them around the house whenever you want a refresh. Great ideas x

  13. Looks great. So light and summery! I think the Beanz print is my fave 🙂

  14. Love the Seventy Tree cactus print (of course!) and your beautiful fiddle leaf fig-I hope it’s happy in its new home 🙂

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  16. Can you tell me where your turquoise couch is from?

  17. Really like the gallery wall inspiration think they go perfectly together. I am currently doing (well “re”doing, long story) my living room walls and find Etsy a maze especially having to find the right prints to match each other. Do you have any tips on what you look for not necessarily in this post but in generally? I think my scheme would be more of a modern minimalist style – not as exciting as yours! Otherwise I fell I would have to go for the stock sets of 2, sets of 3 that some sellers have and seems like a cop out

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