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18 Dec

How to make a Christmas paper snowflake – Guest tutorial by Caroline Tan



Hello all, I’ve been admiring on Instagram, the paper snowflakes that my lovely sister Caroline has used to decorate her Christmas tree. She has kindly provided a step by step tutorial here:

1. Take 2 pieces of plain A4 paper. Fold in an accordion style.
2. Fold the folded paper in the middle and staple.
3. Cut the desired snowflake shapes from each end of the paper ( mirror each end so the snow flake looks uniform throughout).
4. Once both sheets of folded paper has been cut, glue one face to another.
5 Then fan out the snowflake and glue the other end together to make a circle.
6. For larger snowflakes you make need 3 or 4 pieces of paper.

Christmas-paper-snowflake-Little-Big-Bell You can see the whole of her beautiful tree here on Instagram.

This would be a perfect crafternoon with the kids. Have a lovely week all. x

  1. Now that’s a lovely decoration to make with the kids. Your sister is really talented, must run in the family. Is she the same one with the Halloween decorations? Thanks Geraldine. M xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      It sure is and thanks on behalf of my sister. Yes, she is the one who did the Halloween decorations. xx

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