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19 Nov

How to organise kitchen storage.


How to organise kitchen storage.

Every December, just before Christmas, I would do a kitchen declutter and reorganisation. This year I have decided to do it earlier and make use of the Curver Dry Cube and Infinity storage containers that I have acquired. Decluttering a kitchen is hard work. You would have thought that with my annual clean out, that it would be easier. I think part of the problem lies with a lack of kitchen storage solution. Hopefully now with some organisation, I can clearly see what I have, without having to buy more of the same, hence clogging up space. Better organisation would also abolish those moments of panic, when I’m cooking, and need that particular utensil, hidden within a heap of objects in the drawers. The Curver Dry Cube containers are great for storing dry food such as cereals, lentils, rice or pasta. They also make fun containers for colourful sweets. What I love about the Dry Cube kitchen storage containers, are that they have crystal clear bodies that allow food to be identified immediately, whether on a shelf or in a drawer. kitchen storage It took a while to do this declutter and organising, but doesn’t my kitchen storage just feel so nice to look at now? kitchen storage I’ve placed spice bottles into small grey Curver Infinity trays. Now all I have to do is take the tray out to find what I need, rather than scramble around the back of cupboard with a stool. Here’s the cupboard with all the dry and tinned food. Now for a little peek at my colourful mug collection. The Curver Infinity range boxes come in all  shapes and sizes, with or without covers. The smaller containers would be wonderful for organising a cutlery drawer.  Although I already have a bespoke cutlery drawer, you can have similar at a fraction of price, just by using the Curver Infinity boxes. Here’s my second tier of drawers, with my new tableware from Portmeirion. I love storing my plates this way, as I can find things much easier. Remember I mentioned my panic stricken search for utensils? These large Curver Infinity kitchen storage boxes have come to the rescue. Here’s what they look like. I’ve organised all my utensils into the boxes. One box for wooden utensils and the other one for metal. I’ve also stored table napkins into small Curver infinity boxes. So there you go, I feel so much happier now with an ordered kitchen space. Let’s hope the husband, who incidentally is a great cook and main cook in the family, keeps it that way.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this kitchen storage post. You can also read about my Wardrobe organisation post if you fancy.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by myself, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored partnership with Curver, but all views are my own.)

  1. Ordinarily, I’d say how do you get that organised – but I have these storage canisters for all my baking and they are amazing. What I want to know is how do you have peanut M&M’s in your house and haven’t eaten them? If they leave the packet they go straight in my mouth! Too morish and dissapear too quickly to need storage!
    You’re kitchen’s looking fab. x

  2. Ah these look fab Geraldine! I love their square shape and stackability – I have similar containers but mine are round so while they look fab, they don’t really make as effective a use of space in my cupboards as these ones do x

  3. I love how colourful the inside of your cupboards are. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to organise my cupboards, so will have a look at these Curver pieces. My kitchen cupboards are next on my list.

  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous. I wish I had half the storage space you do. Those storage pots are pure genius. And so much neater than half empty bags and boxes chucked in the cupboard or drawer. Fantastic organisation.

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