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How to pick the right sofa.

How to pick the right sofa.

As the days get lighter, I’m getting that seasonal urge to do an interiors Spring refresh at home. I’m currently on the lookout for a new sofa.

I have set 4 criteria to help me on my sofa hunt : colour, tufted with buttons, piping and extra comfortable.

The sofas at Darlings of Chelsea ticked many of these boxes. I will be talking through my “how to pick the right sofa” criteria, whilst showing you my favourites.


There are 3 on trend colours this season that will continue into next year – green,blue and pink. Since I already have 2 green and a dark blue sofa, it’ll have to be a new pink one for me. I say that with an indulgent smile, since I have always yearned for one. I’ve been waiting for the shops to embrace that hue, and now is definitely pink’s moment for the limelight . You may also be thinking, why does she need so many sofas? Sofas to me,are like how shoes and handbags are to some ladies. As if that is a tangible excuse! No, the truth is I love styling room sets, so the sofas come in handy for photo shoots too.

This pretty pink sofa from Darlings of Chelsea (above) is called Arden. It is a corner sofa inspired by the classic style of the 19th century. It features delicate curved arms, fibre seats with foam cores and buttoned fixed back.

Tufted with buttons.

The whole tufted with buttons look has always been associated with being too traditional or dated. However, this is no longer the case, in fact that look has been steadily or even stealthily creeping back into interiors. I’m already spotting tufted doors, walls and beds everywhere. Talking about tufted bed, I may be getting one soon.

This is the Paisley sofa and stool. A classic Chesterfield that is tufted with deep buttoning. Isn’t it a beauty?


I always remember that time I saw my sister’s new sofa. It was shipped all the way from New York. It had white piping against grey. I remembered thinking to myself how that simple contrasting feature could elevate a sofa from plain to top elegant.

This is the Olivia sofa in extra soft brushed cotton blossom. Look at those chic contrast piping and button back cushions. I am seriously tempted.

Extra comfortable

This is obvious right? However, I think sometimes we can compromise a bit of comfort for style – yes, talking from my own experience! The sofa market is now so competitive that I think you really can get both comfort and looks in one. I suggest reading reviews, request fabric samples or even physically getting down to that showroom to try out that sofa. After all, you are about to spend a four figure sum for a quality sofa right?

This is the Lorena sofa. A beautiful Italian style piece with a metal frame. It comes with a manually adjustable headrest for extra comfort. There is also a recliner option for indulgent lounging. I say we definitely need these after our hard days at work.

Last but not least. I may have missed out fabric in the criteria for ‘how to pick the right sofa’, but actually this is intentional. I think fabric choice very much depends on one’s lifestyle. Velvet may be on trend this season, but may not be a practical choice if say, you have a young family ( thinking back to my own experience), then perhaps wipe clean leather for those spills may be a better investment. It also depends on the climate of the country you live in. If warm, you may want to go for cooling linen or cotton fabrics instead. I really think the choice is dictated by what you will be using your sofa for.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed my post on how to pick the right sofa. I think writing this all down has also helped me consolidate what I need when searching for my next piece. The thing is, all the sofas I have featured totally tick all the boxes. Which one is your favourite? I would really love to hear what you think and how you pick your sofa.

Wishing you a beautiful day.

( This is a sponsored collaborative post, however all my writing, views and opinions are my own .)


  1. Just bought a sofa and these are fab tips!!

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