How to use bold wallpaper in your home. My top 4 tips on how to embrace patterned wallpaper without the overwhelm.

bold wallpaperGoing for bold wallpaper at home is definitely not for the faint hearted, but it can be an amazing feature in your home.

I used to shy away from using wallpaper until one day I decided to just go for it in my hallway, and have never looked back since.

This bold wallpaper is from Lust Home. You can see more images in my hallway post here.

This is my daughter’s bedroom. She’s currently away in University, so I have decided to redecorate it with some colourful and bold wallpaper.

I did consult my daughter, and she went for one with a cherry print.

The final results are amazing and we both love it.

So here goes :

What do you think? Quite a statement don’t you think?

She went for Lust Home’s Sweet Cherry Pie wallpaper in Soft Berry, Cherry Red and French Blue. Each roll of wallpaper costs £38.

I really think for a wallpaper like this, you really have to go the whole way. I started off wallpapering just the far wall where the headboard was, but it looked half hearted and the room felt unfinished.

So, I decided to go for it, like I did for my hallway. It worked well and we are so pleased.bold wallpaper

I thought I’d give you 3 simple tips I’ve learned for using bold wallpaper in the home.

1. Break up patterns with furniture or artwork.

Bold colours and patterns can be difficult to take in visually, therefore my advice is to break up the patterns with furniture or artwork.

For example, if you look above, you can see that I have set a neutral pink headboard against the wallpaper. This allows the eyes to rest when scanning the wallpaper. I’ve also used some framed art prints, but I made sure the artwork was simple in their designs, so as to not compete with the patterns on the wall.

One sure win trick, is to use a mirror on patterned wallpaper to reduce the visual overload.

bold wallpaper

2. Keep the ceilings neutral.

A colourful bold wallpaper wrapped around the room, can make a space feel caved in and small. I’ve kept the ceilings a clean bright white, bringing out the accent white colour of the leaves in the wallpaper pattern. This creates the feeling of a light bright space with height.

bold wallpaper

3. Remove clutter and keep the room tidy.

Keeping the room tidy is the best way to make sure the focus remains on that beautiful and bold wallpaper print.

4. Frame the wallpaper.

Make that wallpaper the focus of your room by framing it in. I’ve done that by keeping the ceilings and floor neutral.

Another idea is to use a half panelled wood wall to frame the wallpaper. It can likewise help with reducing pattern overload if that’s an issue.

Finally, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the transformation.

Do check out Lust Home for their quality wallpapers that are uniquely designed, printed in-house, washable and easy to hang too.

( All photography are copyright of Geraldine Tan. This is a paid partnership post with Lust Home).

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