Innovators of the Future competition with Hyundai.

Do you ever wonder what the future of transportation would look like?

Will cars still be the same in 50 year’s time? It seems like we are increasingly hearing about driverless and electric cars. Will the future of cars even have wheels?

Cars of the present day are literally designed just for taking us from A to B, without furher imagination.

No doubt safety regulations have had a hand to play in the way that we function and interact within our car. I was honoured to have recently been chosen by Hyundai, the South Korean based car manufacturer, to become one of their judges for the Innovators of the future competition.

My co-judges include James Taylor, the deputy Features Editor at CAR magazine and Seetal Solanki, the founder and director of Ma-tt-er, a materials research design studio.

The competition seeks entries to design the interior of a driverless Hyundai SUV that can seamlessly incorporate into the home.It is indeed a tricky concept to come up with, because there are so many different styles and aesthetics in home interiors.Innovators of the futureHyundai recently showcased their idea of a future in mobility at the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas.

They demonstrated how a car could incorporate into the home ( as per the images), moving furniture seamlessly between the two areas, and also embracing smart technology.For me, having the surrounds of home comfort whilst travelling seems the most appealing. I’m thinking of soft cosy sofa beds to stretch out on, with cushions and throws.

There would also have to be access to home technology like television, music, phone and computer points.

Finally, I think the style and design of the car interiors should have an universal appeal, and can be customised to one’s aesthetic.

It would be amazing if someone could devise an interchangeable interiors concept to embrace the varied interiors styles out there.The four key criteria for entry are:


How is your design innovative?

Future proofing

How do you future proof your design?


Is your entry a seamless design?


Does your design take sustainability into account

You can see more detailed information on what we are looking for in the entry guidelines here.

Most of all, if you win, you and a friend will get a total of £1,000 spending money and a trip to Seoul.

In addition to that, there will also be a tour of the factory where Hyundai’s designs come to life.

The winner and runners up will also have their submissions showcased on the Hyundai website.

What do you think the future of cars will be?

50 years seems long but I’m sure there will be a change, because technology and design are moving quickly.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing the entries for this Innovators of the Future competition. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

(These innovators of the Future images were provided by Hyundai, and I have collaborated with Hyundai on a sponsored basis, but all views are my own .)

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