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JMGO O1 ultra short throw projector – the coolest innovative projector on the market.

I’m so excited to tell you about the JMGO O1 ultra-short throw projector, because this is literally the coolest and most innovative projector, and I have the prototype in my home.

I’m sure I’m in good company when I say that most projectors can be clunky and have at least one of the below issues:

  1. A horrible fan noise when cooling the internal components down.
  2. Emit an uncomfortable heat which makes it uncomfortable for those sitting close by.
  3. A need to prop and adjust the projector to keep the image level.
  4. Having to move the projector up and down the room to get the right image size and then having to adjust the lens to sharpen the image.
  5. Shadows cast as people walk past, spoiling the viewing experience.
  6. Lots of connectors and wires to connect laptops or computers to access wifi and information.

I am pleased to say that those common issues above should now be a thing of the past, because the JMGO O1 projector can address them all. I’ve tried and tested them at home.

As you can see from above, I am projecting an image from the projector’s image gallery. This is not a static imagebut a dynamic one. How cool it is to have a moving aquarium in your room right? JMGO O1 ultra short throw projectorAnyway, here you can see my projector up close.

The JMGO O1 projector is a 1080p resolution ultra short throw projector.

This means you don’t need to locate the projector somewhere in the middle of the room to get a good image.

Also, its closer distance to the wall means no more interruptions by passer by shadows.

The JMGO O1 projector can project an 80 inch screen size image from just around 10 inches away from the wall.

It also has a smart eye protection feature that dims the image if you were within the projection range.

JMGO O1 ultra short throw projector

The Auto Keystone correction feature is great, because it means the screen can self adjust quickly to a normal size and orientation.

The design is sleek, beautiful and it’s surprisingly light too.

There are HDMI sockets, USB connections and LAN port, easy connectivity to Wifi, bluetooth and a built in LUNA OS and Alexa.

Above all, the projector is quiet and there’s no more uncomfortable heat situation, with it being located further away.

JMGO O1 ultra short throw projectorIt was so fun to browse the inbuilt digital art gallery and see the paintings come to life.The price point doesn’t disappoint either.

Compared to other short throw projectors on the market that average $2000, the JMGO O1 is better value for money.

I’m so excited to have a special 45% discount perk for you for the JMGO O1 at $649

( approximately £464) or a 40% off discount for the JMGO O1 Pro Projector at USD859 (£623).

JMGO O1 ultra short throw projectorCan’t wait to be able to watch Netflix movies from this projector. I haven’t tested it out, but there have been great reviews on the speakers and sound system.

So you’ve seen it here. The projector of the future, that is the JMGO O1.

This is a prototype review. I can’t wait for it to hit the market. Do get your orders in now with the special discount link above, for estimated shipping in September 2021.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. The projector was on loan for review purposes only. This is a paid partnership post, but all views are my own).

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