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Kerb appeal – My Top 5 tips to make your exterior entryway attractive to home buyers.

kerb appeal to attract home buyersKerb appeal plays an important part in drawing in potential buyers for your property.

Of course if you are not planning on selling, it’s still an important extension of your home decor, a great way to greet your guests and create that good first impression.

It’s not only until recently, that I’ve managed to add that final touch. Can you spot that missing puzzle for my Top 5 tips for kerb appeal?

It’s the pair of spiral topiaries from best4hedging. Aren’t they beautiful?

I’ve often seen them in people’s front entryway and thought “wow!” how they instantly elevate the look of a home. Needless to say, there was a touch of envy.

Well, no more envy, because I’m now the proud owner of 2 spiral topiaries.

I specifically picked best4hedging, because they are specialist in topiaries, in addition to hedge plants.

Behind the scenes, they have a workforce with a real in depth knowledge of horticulture, so I was confident those spiral topiaries would be of top quality, and indeed they are, as you can see above. Delivery was super fast and efficient too.

Anyway, here are my top 5 tips for great kerb appeal for your home:

1.Freshen up the front with paint. this includes all the wood work and gate.

2.Give your door impact- with a striking paint colour, nothing too over the top. Also, furnish your door with some lovely door hardware. I’ve coordinated my door knocker, postbox slot and door pull in a brushed brass.

3.Tile the walkway. I’ve tried to keep the fun bespoke tiles in line with the Victorian era of my home.

4.Add a stylish exterior light. Mine is a simple glass box light, but in keeping with the period of my property.

5.Adorn the front entryway with elegant eye catching plants, and of course I have my pair of gorgeous spiral topiaries from best4hedging.

kerb appeal

So what do you think?

I think those spiral topiaries have really elevated the look of my front entryway.

If you are thinking of getting similar, best4hedging have given me some advice on how to look after them.

Here’s their advice:

Replanting your topiary

The first, most important thing you need to do is remove your topiary from its original pot after delivery. This is because 95% of UK topiary is ‘pot-pressed’ – this means that the topiary is field grown until ordered and then planted in a pot for delivery, but this pot is often too small to leave your topiary in permanently, as the roots are restricted. Transplant your topiary, into either the ground or a larger pot, as soon after delivery as possible.

Feeding & Watering

As with all plants, this is particularly important after planting. A foliar feeder such as Seaweed feed, or a slow releasing fertiliser like Bone meal, are great for encouraging healthy growth and a strong root system, and will provide your topiary with the essential nutrients and minerals it needs to succeed. Always follow the instructions and quantities given on the packet to achieve the best results.

We recommend watering your topiary often, even during winter, as the density of the foliage can cause rainwater to run straight off and not reach the soil. Water your topiary directly at the base, and remember that pot grown topiary can quickly run out of nutrients and dry out, so may need to be watered slightly more often than topiary planted in a garden.


Topiary shapes do not require much maintenance to keep them looking great. Both pot grown and garden grown topiary should be pruned annually in early or late summer, as this is when your plant will recover the quickest, however, some faster growing topiary species may require a second trim. Always consider the growth rate of your chosen topiary species before purchasing to ensure you can manage the upkeep. With box hedging, we’d suggest to trim in late spring. This will encourage the development of side shoots. These new shoots can then be cut in midsummer to create a well-defined surface.

Hope you’ve found the above useful. I know it has been for us.

Do take a peek at their website. They really are the place to go to for quality outdoor plants.

Have a lovely day all.

( Photography are by Little Big Bell. The spiral topiaries were gifted by best4hedging).

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