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“La Maison Diptyque” – The Parisian home of Diptyque in London’s New Bond Street.

Clym draws La Maison DiptyqueLa Maison Diptyque has come to London.

Diptyque is more than a scent and candle brand, it’s about chic French aesthete, embracing craftsmanship and Savoire Faire.

Their newly opened store in London’s New Bond street is modelled on a Parisian apartment. For those who want to experience that Parisian dream of an elegant Haussmann apartment with grand proportions and period features, then a visit is a must.

To celebrate the store’s opening, Diptyque enlisted famed illustrator Clym Evernden to illustrate at their shop window.

Diptyque is currently doing a scented candle collaboration with Café Verlet in Paris, with exclusive scents such as Café, Biscuit, Chantily and Fruits Confit.

The Café Verlet collection candles are limited edition and the jars illustrated by Clym are a definite collectible.

Art has always been in the DNA of Diptyque and there is an Anglo-French connection too. Did you know one of the co-owners of Diptyque is British? He’s called Desmond Knox-Leet and an artist too.

Above is one of Desmond’s oil paintings that is on display now at the New Bond street store. This piece is called La Maison ‘Les Lilas” Vue sur La mer. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the strokes of colours and interplay between light and shadow here.

La Maison DiptyqueAs some of you may know, I am currently renovating an apartment in Paris. I promise I will be sharing about the process and evolution of the design of my new French home soon.

For now, I will show you Diptyque’s elegant new home – La maison Diptyque.

Feast your eyes on where I think is the piece de resistance of the whole apartment. It’s the gorgeous spa like bathing salon, with its colourful stained glass windows and shiny swan taps.

This gorgeous curtain fabric seemed familiar to me.

It was only when I found out that it was by Pierre Frey that I made the connection to one his fabrics I have used for my Paris home sofa.

If you scroll back up 2 images, you will have noticed this show stopping beautiful mosaic floors. Love the artistry and pops of gold here. I’m not sure who this is by, but will try to find out and add here soon.

Even the ceiling and walls are works of art, with ceramic foliage by Jean Roger, a studio in Paris that has excelled in the creation of these grand feu ( high fire) faience pieces since 1947.

The 5000 glazed ceramic leaves in this space celebrate the unbridled nature of English gardens.

Another show stopping piece is the ceiling by the cash tills downstairs called ‘Painted and Embroided sky’ by Claire Coles.

Claire is a London based visual artist. She has crafted this ceiling using a blend of paint, embroidery and gold leaf.

This lush and vibrant ceiling is a tribute to nature and William Morris who have inspired Diptyque’s founders.

This ironwork plant banister that embraces the main staircase in the store is by Atelier De Forge Robert & Robert, a French family blacksmith business founded in 1967.Here are a few other interior pieces that have caught my eye. This gorgeous ceramic mirror and

these wooden seats and side table.

There’s currently a café pop up, modelled on the Parisian Cafe Verlet in the London store running till 24th June 2024.

I think this space will evolve according to Diptyque’s collaborations.

Aren’t these madeleines at the café are tempting?Here’s a little look around all the other home accessories that Diptyque London stocks.These red colour accessories are exclusive to the London store only.This special VIP suite at the back is where customers come to select their exclusive candle vessel for their scented candle of choice.

Which jar design do you like?

Hope you have enjoyed this tour of Maison Diptyque with its Parisian charm. It’s making me want to hop on the Eurostar to go to my apartment now.

Have a lovely day all.

( All photography of Maison Diptyque London is copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).

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