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Laminate flooring that is modern, stylish and durable from Quick-Step floors.

If you are wondering the benefits of or how laminate flooring can look in a flat, then this is the post for you.

For the past year, I’ve been renovating our London flat in Fitzrovia. It’s been in our family for more than 30 years and really needed an update.

I wanted the bare bones of the flat right before anything.

The rewiring, new boiler and heating system were worthwhile expenditures.

There were some beautiful features in the flat, such as the parquet flooring above and wood ceilings.

However, they made the flat feel very small and dark.

In order to make the flat look lighter, brighter and to open up the space, I agonised over painting the ceilings white and whether to cover up the parquet floor.

The parquet floor is beautiful, and if I was going for a different decor aesthetic, I would likely use it, but it was not for this project.

laminate flooring from Quick-Step floorsI decided that I needed some lighter, durable and easy to care for laminate flooring in my bid to modernise the flat.

I have been browsing Quick-Step’s laminate flooring for a while. After requesting a few samples, I decided to go with their Eligna range in Estate Oak light grey above. It is a lovely off white colour with grey touches.

laminate flooring from Quick-Step floorsSo here’s the finished room, with painted white ceilings using Crown paint’s Cotton Cloth and laminate flooring using Quick-Step’s Eligna Estate oak light grey.

I have preserved the parquet flooring below.

Doesn’t this space feel so much more modern, light and bright now?laminate flooring from Quick-Step floorsHere’s the space now furnished with my signature pops of colours.

Did you know that Quick-Step laminate floors are from 100% recovered wood, for example, wood from forest management.

It’s so wonderful to see that they have embraced sustainability, a huge added bonus to their beautiful flooring. Here’s the “Before” of the flat’s kitchen space.

Again, the ceilings here are dark and the previous tile flooring have seen better days.

It was an unsightly concrete floor beneath the tiles.

laminate flooring from Quick-Step floorsHere’s the “After”.

You wouldn’t have believed it was the same space don’t you think?

Painting the ceilings and using Quick-Step’s Eligna Estate oak light grey have made the space look lighter and more spacious.

This flooring ticked my box for durability in the kitchen area with its Scratch Guard technology and 100% water resistance.

laminate flooring in the kitchenThis kitchen is much less colourful than my main home’s kitchen, and me being me, couldn’t resist adding some pops of colours.

Quick-Step floors are easy to install with their patented Uniclic click system. These stairs link the upstairs living space to the bedrooms downstairs. I wanted to create a sense of continuity throughout the flat, so have opted to use the same flooring for themHere’s how they look.Quick-Step provides a collection of matching accessories for their floors.

As you can see, the stairs have matching stair nosing to give them a more seamless and completed look.

Here’s the master bedroom downstairs, that’s yet to be fully furnished, with the same Quick-Step Eligna Estate Oak Light Grey floors.

I’m pretty pleased with how things have turned out with the refurbishment. The flooring have certainly played a major part in the whole facelift.

Do check out Quick-Step floors. Not only are they elegant, affordable and easy to install, they are truly hardwearing for the everyday household.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little big Bell. This is a product partnership post with Quick-Step floors but all my opinions are my own).

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