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LECHUZA self irrigation plant pot from the makers of Playmobil toys.

Self irrigation plant pot? That sounds like a dream for someone like me who either over waters or under waters my plants.

LECHUZA self irrigating plant pots are here to my rescue, and now my plants ( see one above) looks as healthy as ever.

LECHUZA is Spanish for owl. The idea is that it’s like the watchful owl that watches over our plants.

Interestingly too, did you know that they are also from the German company that manufactures Playmobil toys?

So how does it work?

The LECHUZA irrigation system helps plants extract what they need from a reservoir that holds water, monitored with a water level indicator.

The LECHUZA PON above is a granular substance that acts as the drainage layer between the water and plant, mediating the water supply to the roots.

This is what the reservoir at the bottom of the pot looks like.

The LECHUZA PON granular material is placed on top of the resevoir, followed then by the soil and plant.During the initial few weeks of planting, the advice is to continue watering from above through soil, until the roots have an opportunity to grow down towards the reservoir.

After that, the water reservoir can be filled accordingly, and monitored by watching the red straw indicator.self irrigation plant potThe LECHUZA plant pots come in a variety of colours and styles. Mine is from the PILA range, and it’s in coral red. self irrigation plant potYou can get a stacking PILA storage too. Mine is a pastel green.

Outdoors, the stopper at the base of the pot can be removed to allow drainage. There is a connecting drain in the storage unit that links to the planter above. self irrigation plant potSo there you go, a clever and innovative self irrigation plant pot for a happy thriving plant.

Doesn’t my Swiss cheese plant now look so healthy?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. Have a fabulous day all. x

( All photography and styling are by Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with LECHUZA).

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