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29 Apr

LG Music Flow sound system


LG-sound-system-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell Imagine a sound system of speakers and sound bars that communicate, creating a seamless flow of music as you move from one room to another.

Then picture having the ability to stream from Spotify, Deezer or Napster.

It gets better, you can even Google cast your favourite music or entertainment found online, such as from You Tube, onto the speakers.

All the above via Wi-fi, controlled from the tips of your fingers, direct from your mobile phone device, tablet, iPad or laptop.

Look no further. Introducing you to the LG Music Flow system which I recently got to try out.
The LG Music Flow system comes in a variety of speaker sizes. You could simply start with one and then add more as you desire, to gradually fill your whole house with music. LG-sound-system-1-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Made with an anodised Aluminium body, the speakers are sturdy and can easily fit into any interior style.

No more standing around staring like Mr. Puffin above, just move around with the music or your favourite talk show entertainment, from room to room. LG-Music-flow-system-control-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell All controlled via your mobile device. This was the LG tablet that I used. LG-music-flow-speaker-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell The pleasures of cooking to music. Nothing quite like some soothing tunes after work, as I cook dinner for the children. LG-Music-flow-system-Photo-By-Little-Big-Bell-blog Love how my LG Music Flow speaker has a dual role, acting as a book end holder too.

The sound quality is amazing. Volume control can also be easily accessible from the top of the speaker.

If Wi-fi is difficult in certain areas of your home, you can also access Bluetooth. LG-music-flow-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell This is LG Music Flow’s HS8 sound bar. Paired with a separate speaker, they create the most wonderful cinematic surround sound experience.

Love its elegant curved metal body.

The soundbar can also communicate with the other Music Flow speakers around your house. LG-music-flow-1 The sound bar and speaker set came in handy, when I recently hosted a sleepover 10th birthday party for my son and his friends.

They watched Wolverine, a truly action packed film. With the sound magnified in a surround way, you really felt like you were in the film. LG-music-flow As you can see, the sound bar is in my basement family room.

The stairs lead up our kitchen. It’s perfect, as I can now play music on my Music flow speaker upstairs whilst cooking, but add a further dimension of sound by playing from the sound bar too.

How do you feel about filling your home with music in this way? It would certainly come in handy when we host house parties.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored post with LG. All opinions are my own.)

  1. That would be perfect for when I am cleaning the house and moving from room to room! Sounds like the ultimate, most versatile way to listen to music and soundtracks – awesome.

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      I like that idea Antonia, listening to music as you are cleaning from room to room. x

  2. Super stylish G – I really need to upgrade my music system (because playing spotify through my macbook is really not that great!!) and this little speaker looks fab! xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      The Google Cast idea sounds amazing doesn’t it Kimberly? Happy weekend x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      The simplicity of its design really enables it to fit in well with any interior Hannah. x

  3. That’s seriously cool kit. I love the possibilities. We have nothing like it in our house at the moment but definitely need to think about it. I’d quite like to see what they have available for the bathroom as baths are quite musical affairs in my house 🙂

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