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Luxaflex® Duette® window blinds for a flexible, stylish and energy efficient solution to window dressings.

Luxaflex Duette blindsLuxaflex®  Duette® range of window blinds have exceeded my expectations.

They are a great alternative to explore if you are not a fan of curtains.

They can add to your home’s overall aesthetic whilst maintaining light control and insulation.

Nowadays, there are so many varieties of blind fabrics, styles and functions to pick from.As some of you may know, I’ve been refurbishing a run down Central London flat in Fitzrovia ( image above).

It’s in a 1970s building with “typical” office style metal windows.

The windows are mismatched in size and they open by rotating inwards for easy cleaning, but this has made it difficult for window dressing placements.

From the above image, you can see that there was previously a large curtain that ran along the top length of the ceiling.

I didn’t like curtains because it made the whole room feel small and dark and there was no way of modifying the lighting.

Shutters wasn’t an option because they would just accentuate the window size mismatch. My only solution was blinds.

However, blinds placed just above the windows, would potentially obstruct them from opening inwards.

Luckily Luxaflex® Duette® blinds had a solution.

Luxaflex Duette blindsI was introduced to their Top Down / Bottom Up blinds with tensioned cords that keeps the shade nicely in place. A smart handle allows you to manoeuvre the blinds up and down .

These blinds are attached to the window frame, so moves with the window.Luxaflex Duette blindsHere are the blinds in situ, in my furnished living room.

The dual movement of these blinds up and down allows me to control for light and privacy in the room.The blinds here are on the lower part of the window but pulled up slightly, allowing light to come through from the top, but maintaining privacy from the buildings opposite.

Abbotts Interiors, one of Luxaflex®’s  dealers provided me with an initial consultation, going through the different options of blinds for my apartment followed by a measuring up service.During the consultation, I was shown the Duette shades sample book.

The Duette shade is a honeycomb fitted product that’s very energy efficient and traps air inside, providing insulation and warmth in the Winter whilst keeping the rooms cool in the Summer with solar blocking.

They come in a variety of fabrics, colours, patterns and light controls.

They also have a sustainable range called Eternity made from recycled plastic bottles.

Luxaflex®  Duette® blindsThe different light controls vary according to whether the blind fabrics are translucent, transparent or opaque.

The transparent fabrics are sheer with some light control but is see through, the translucent fabrics allows light through but maintains privacy, and the opaque fabrics block out light, producing a total black out.

Abbotts Interiors were able to advise me on the type of fabrics based on the functions of each room.

As you can see, as shown before, I have opted for a translucent fabric in my living room.In the master bedroom, I was able to combine 2 types of Duette® blind shades, a translucent one and an opaque one.Luxaflex Duette blinds Luxaflex®  Duette®The 2  Luxaflex® Duette® blinds sit together side by side and can be adjusted according to my needs in the bedroom.

Luxaflex®  Duette®The translucent Duette® shade lets in a beautiful diffuse light whilst maintaining my privacy when in bed. Luxaflex Duette blinds.Luxaflex®  Duette®The opaque black out blinds are great for when I need a total blackout for a good sleep.

As you can see here, I’ve placed the blackout blinds on the bottom half to frame the scenery above.

The blinds move up and down via remote control using Luxaflex® PowerView Automation, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.Luxaflex®  Duette®The other areas of my flat where I have installed Duette® blinds include this second bedroom.

I’ve chosen a translucent blind only here because this room doesn’t get much sunshine.Upstairs in the entryway, we have a window that looks out into the communal hallway. Here’s a ‘Before” photo.Luxaflex®  Duette®This is what the space looks like after the refurbishment.  I wanted to maintain privacy but not compromise on light, so I picked a translucent Duette® for this window.

I absolutely love the luxe feel of the blinds. What do you think?

I think they look great and would have also added value to the property.

Do check out the Duette® line of blinds from Luxaflex®., they really are beautiful, energy efficient and flexible.

I highly recommend Abbotts Interiors. They were great at advising me on my selections, and they measured and fitted the blinds really well. 

If you would like to know the precise choice of fabrics or colours I have used, then below is the list:

LIVING ROOM- col 9446 Batiste duo tone- 25mm

KITCHEN- col 4292- Batiste duo tone- 32mm

FRONT BED- 3475 and 7875 Batiste sheer duo tone and Elan duo tone RD

BACK BED- 3475 and 7875 Batiste sheer duo tone and Elan duo tone RD

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I’ll be back with more interiors updates soon. Have a great day.

( All photos are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)


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