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Luxury Decor for Home (Series 1) – Casa by Josephine Jenno.

Luxury Decor for HomeI’ve recently been searching the internet for Luxury Decor for Home and actually found it difficult to find items that I love, until I came across Casa by Josephine Jenno, also known as Casa by JJ.

I found that just because something is expensive or classified as Luxury, doesn’t mean that they are aesthetically pleasing or even in some cases, tasteful.

This has prompted me to do the Blog Series “Luxury Decor for Home”, and this is the first one.

As you can see in the photo of my living room above, I have some beautiful items selected from Casa by JJ to style my space.

I love how Josephine Jenno have curated items that not only look beautiful and elegant, but she doesn’t forget colour.

Above all, I like her shop’s values of embracing the Circular Economy, being Carbon Neutral and driving equality.

Let me take you on a tour of the pieces that I have selected below.

Luxury Decor for Home Casa by jj

On my coffee table are :

Carson’s Butler tray – A shiny silver plated tray which I have used for my candlesticks. Would look great with a pairing of jar scented candle and scent diffusers too. Then, of course it is also the perfect luxe way to serve up drinks.

Carson’s Classic pair of Candlesticks –  Goes well with my Butler tray, and just look so elegant. I’m imagining myself in that grand house in the film Downton Abbey.

The candlestick holders would also be perfect set on the table for dinner parties with friends.

The Radiant and The Marquise – You can never have enough candlestick holders right?

I’ve actually picked these two geometric cut glass candleholders for their gorgeous design as table decor.

Love their colourful 1960s modern glamour aesthetic. Above all, they add the pre-requisite height interest to any coffee table styling.

Italians Do It Better Glass Tray – Because everyone needs a little tray for their trinkets, and of course, nothing but the best for my Chanel brooch.

This beautiful tray in a light brown glass is from Murano, the land of beautiful hand blown Venetian glass.

Murano pink tumblers – Talking about Murano, I selected a set of six luxury pink Venetian tumblers too. I love the delicate striped pattern and the little sparkles when light shine through them.

Luxury Decor for Home Casa by Josephine Jenno

Homage to Gene Davis vase  – Do you spot that pretty red striped vase on my fireplace? Isn’t it such a statement piece. It really catches the eye on entering the living room.

This vase is inspired by the work of Gene Davis, an American abstract painter  known for  multicoloured stripes.

I’ll be using my vase for fresh and pretty floral blooms in the Summer.

The Imperial Bowl – This display bowl in a two toned Amber and pink glass is just so pretty. It’s beautiful as a display piece on a shelf, coffee table or even in the kitchen.

I love its curved form and elegant simplicity.

I believe this piece is Scandinavian in origin, and it certainly holds those Scandi minimalistic features.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Looking forward to showing you the next Luxury Decor for home feature next week.

( All photos and styling are by Little Big Bell).

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