Mr. Steam and Colour therapy.


A thank you to Mr. Steam who was part sponsor of the Modenus Blog Tour LA which I attended earlier this month.

So, you may wonder who is Mr. Steam ? and why am I showing you my colourful mug collection?

The answer to the former question is that Mr. Steam is one of the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers in the world. They make steam boilers for the U.S Navy, hospital operating rooms and Kennedy space centre.

Recently, they have ventured into the commercial and residential spa experience, creating high tech swipe touch control steam shower systems which now can also integrate aromatherapy, music therapy or Chromatherapy.

Chromatherapy also known as colour therapy is believed to be associated with a sense of wellbeing.

Here’s where my colourful mugs come into play, they are what I see every morning when I make coffee. Collectively, their vibrant colours are enough to eliminate any lingering sleepiness. Perhaps my daily colour choice is my subconscious acknowledgement for colour therapy.

Anyway, how nice it must be to relax in a steam shower, a spa in your own home and to experience its benefits with the additional triple treat of relaxing scents, colour and music.

So, without further ado, here’s what the colours  do ( information was extracted from the Mr. Steam website).


Blue is Celestial- helping you communicate and share your discoveries.


Orange is Exploration both physical and mental.


Yellow is Awakening to personal power and awareness.


Red is Vitality that sparks raw creativity.


Green is Harmony, helping you get back in step with life’s rhythms.


Violet is Nirvana, the culmination of time, place and being.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about steam therapy and to have a peek at my colourful mug collection.

Have a lovely week ahead. x


  1. I like the very creative comparison of your colorful mug collection making you happy in the morning and how colors in a steam bath can have a similar effect. Happy weekend, Geraldine.

  2. Such a fabulous way to personalize this post!! Geraldine, I have a huge collection of ceramic mugs too that are displayed on an open shelf in my kitchen and brings so much happiness everyday. Your collection, now that I know you, so perfectly exemplifies your aesthetic and taste. LOVE the post and your take on Mr. Steam, one of our #BlogTourLA sponsors!

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Tami.The colours of my mugs do bring such light and happiness in the morning.You have such a beautiful house, I can imagine your mug collection to be as equally stunning. x

  3. This is SUCH a fun post, Geraldine! I love how you styled the mugs with your Pantone cards and explained about each colour. Really fun to see! 🙂 x

  4. Love your very colourful Analogy here….

    As I said on IG, if all fails, you could open a shop tomorrow morning in the safe knowlegde that your family will not go hungry:-)
    Your collection is truly ‘colourful’ and it’s nice that it evokes ‘happy’ feelings every morning.

    As for Mr. Steam, well, you’ve got to love them in every way. It was so great to see you guys in London recently.

    Lovely post. Have a colourful day G xx

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Tina, I like the idea of a shop and not going hungry 😉 have a lovely day too x

  5. You have such a huge mug collection, Geraldine! How could that not make you happy 😉 Really love the watercolor Marimekko mug. And a mr.steam shower sounds equally awesome!

    • littlebigbell

      Thanks Judith. Those mugs are an amazing cheer, get up and go in the morning 😉 I too love that blue Marimekko mug, a recent acquisition. Yes please to Mr. steam shower for me too – something on my ever long wish list. xx

  6. Loved this!

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  8. I love how you connected the principals of steam therapy and chromatherapy to your beautiful mug collection! I myself collect mugs and it’s a great feeling to hold a warm drink in your favorite mug.

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