My Liebherr Integrated refrigerator and wine cooler.

My Liebherr Integrated refrigerator and wine cooler.I think Integrated appliances gives the kitchen a well designed and seamless feel. Previously, I’ve owned Liebherr appliances, so decided to go with a trusted brand.

Investing in good quality appliances can really lift the look and feel of a space, and make it more luxurious.

I chose an integrated refrigerator and wine cabinet from Liebherr.

Here’s my fitted integrated Liebherr wine storage cabinet on the left.

It’s the WKEgb 582 GrandCru model.

Liebherr wine cooler.It fits seamlessly with my kitchen units. The door has uv protection and a one touch open feature.

The wine cabinet can store up to 18 bottles of wine, which is amazing.

The untreated wood shelves and an activated charcoal filter keeps the air inside the wine cabinet fresh.

My Liebherr Integrated refrigerator.On the opposite side is my Liebherr Peak Bio-Fresh integrated refrigerator.

It’s the IRBDI 5180 model.

This fridge was launched in 2021 and won a Red Dot award for design.  Check out that sleek stainless steel interior. Liebherr fridge storageSometimes it is difficult to clean the shelves of a fridge, but my Liebherr fridge has easily removable shelves. It therefore also means that I can arrange items of different heights by easily moving the shelves around.

Liebherr Infinity springThere’s a subtle water dispenser, unobtrusive as it lays flush against the side of the fridge.It’s called Infinity Spring and provides refreshing drip free water on demand.Another premium feature is the BioFresh drawer that  keeps fruit and vegetables at optimal temperatures, therefore they last longer and so less food waste.

The BioFresh drawers have HydroBreeze, a cold mist that covers fruit and vegetables like a protective balm, inspired by California’s Salinas Valley.

There are more mention-worthy features, such as the gentle ambience of the LED lighting and the wireless temperature control.

So there you go, my new Liebherr wine cooler and refrigerator.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review. What do you think?

( All are my own photos. this is a paid partnership feature but opinions are my own).

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