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Nautical style living room with Ralph Lauren Home.

Ralph_Lauren_home_Periwinkle_rug_styled_and_photo_by_Little_Big_BellThe inspiration behind my nautical style living room here, lies with my beautiful Ralph Lauren rug in red, white and blue.

It’s from the new season 2015 Racing Point stripe collection . The style and colourway is called Periwinkle.
Ralph_Lauren_Home_Periwinkle_rug_styling_and_photo_Little_Big_BellThe rug is a large 5 by 8 feet and as you can see, the colours are very bright and the stripes bold.

When decorating with such vibrant colours and striking patterns, it can often stand out too much at the visual expense of the surrounding furniture.

I thought I’d show you how I’ve styled this room whilst using such vibrant colours.

The key is to soften the impact with lighter coloured furniture.

Rather than just place the rug in front of the sofa, creating too much contrast, I have placed my mint coloured sofa over the top one third of the rug. This created a blending effect.

I have also used a white coffee table to break up the stripes, whilst using decorative accessories to accentuate the blue, red and white.

Ralph_Lauren_home_photo_by_Geraldine_Tan_Little_Big_BellThere are numerous colours from this rug collection, but I have picked this colourway because it reminded me of being on a coastal holiday.

There is a nautical feel to the whole look of my room, from the Breton stripes seen on the plate with the dog, to the anchor from my West Elm cushion.

The rug is made of hand woven easy care polyester yarn that is robust enough for high traffic areas and the outdoors.

If I had a huge porch outside my home or a conservatory, this would be where I would use the rug to style up the look.Ralph_Lauren_home_Periwinkle_rug_photo-and–styling_by_Little_Big_BellThe rug comes in different sizes. If you are interested in ordering a similar one, just send an order inquiry online and the purchase can be arranged through your local Ralph Lauren home store.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my colourful living room styling. Have a lovely weekend.

( All styling and photography is by Geraldine Tan of Little Big Bell, this post is done in collaboration with Ralph Lauren Home. The rug was a gift).

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