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The perfect carafe to serve wine or water – Beak carafe by Nude.

The perfect carafe to serve wine or water – the Beak carafe by Nude.

Just popping in to wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

In case you are having a last minute panic of what to buy, I thought I’d show you a wonderful universal gift.

Introducing you to the elegant Beak carafe and glass by Nude, as seen on my coffee table.

Nude carafeIt is called Beak because of its avian silhouette, a long neck and a spout that resembles a bird’s beak.

The carafe set, in lead free crystal was designed by Tomas Kral for Nude.Tomas is an award winning designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He takes inspiration from everyday ordinary situations, and translates them with a touch of poetry and humour to create innovative solutions for everyday products.Since it’s nearly Christmas, I picked a Wintery hue of purple. They also come in clear glass and a smoky grey colour.

The carafe is perfect for serving wine at the Christmas table, or perhaps just water to help us get over any post festive hangovers.I’ve decided to use my Beak carafe for water. I’ve decided to style it on my coffee table against my new yellow sofa.

Don’t you love how that purple pops against the yellow?The carafe will be a great reminder for me to drink more water.I think the carafe set would be a stylish finishing touch to any bedside table too, especially in your guest room, if you want to impress. I absolutely adore its jewel tone and love how it has added a bit of wow factor to my white coffee table.

If you fancy getting this as a last minute gift, then here’s the store locator for Nude.Hope you’ve enjoyed the post.

Finally, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year again.

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with Nude. All views are my own.)

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