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How to incorporate some Oriental decor into your home.

How to incorporate some Oriental decor into your home.

Have you ever been on holiday overseas and seen a piece of furniture that you want to buy but at the last moment, decide otherwise because of the cost and effort in shipping involved?

Aside from the shipping difficulties, do you also worry that it may not blend in with your decor style at home ?

An eclectic home, styled with pieces collected from foreign travels can really add depth and interest to a space.

Having statement pieces of furniture that can blend with different styles is key to showing off these finds.

In the past, I have brought home antique figurines and red betel boxes from Thailand, and more recently artworks from China. However, I haven’t found the right place to display them.oriental-decorIt was lovely to discover The Nine Schools, a U.K based online store selling beautiful and elegant Oriental inspired furniture, that can also fit in well with a modern interior.

The Nine Schools was a name inspired by the nine tenets of Chinese thought.

As I have this thing with colour, I was drawn to their blue Oriental bookcase and cabinet.

They are both finished in distressed turquoise with hand painted gilt decoration.The bookcase comes with 3 removable shelves and is deep enough for tall reference books and small novels.

It’s such a pretty piece, perfect for creating an eclectic feel at home.

It would look lovely in the alcoves of a Victorian house or even mixed with  English style furniture in a child’s room.I have decided to style my bookcase flanked by the matching blue small cabinet and some artwork on the wall. That pretty red and green print above the blue cabinet is by Gosia Poraj.The blue cabinet is adorable isn’t it?

Check out that antique steel pin closure and the pretty gilt decoration with pops of gold, pink and green.

The blue cabinet would look wonderful as a bedside table.

I remembered once seeing how similar cabinets were being used as bedside tables in an English style guest bedroom in Hong Kong.

I remembered thinking to myself how two different styles could go so well together.Anyway, now I get my chance to try out some Oriental decor in my colourful living space.

I’ve also been able to use my antique finds from Thailand and China to style.So, what do you think?

I love this touch of Oriental decor in my space.

If you are interested in ordering, you can also request swatches of different finishes. This would make a wonderful and unique Christmas gift don’t you think?

The last day for The Nine school’s Christmas delivery is 8th December.

Wishing you a lovely day. x

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with Nine Schools on Oriental decor but all opinions are my own).

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