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My Victorian hallway featuring Graham & Brown’s Bloomsbury wallpaper of the year 2020.

I am really excited to reveal my newly decorated Victorian hallway using Graham & Brown’s Wallpaper of the year 2020  – The Bloomsbury Collection in Neo Mint.

As you can see the wallpaper is a beautiful statement piece.

There are 3 other colourways – Emerald ( a deep green), Stone ( a light grey) and Noir (a charcoal grey). When I first saw the wallpaper, I simply couldn’t stop staring at it.

It’s so full of joy and happiness don’t you think? Just look at those pretty, colourful flowers and butterflies.

We may be descending into Autumn, but this glorious design is bringing all those Spring vibes back indoors. I really think the colours compliment my interior space so well.

My hallway walls are painted in Graham & Brown Dee and the dado rails and skirting boards in Graham & Brown white. There are so many possibilities for the wall colour of this Victorian hallway. All you have to do is to extract the colours from the wallpaper.

Graham & Brown have actually colour matched the wallpaper to their paints.

The deeper pink of the wallpaper is colour matched to Graham & Brown Popsicle, the mint to Graham & Brown Stirling green, and the greys to Graham & Brown Stone.

The rich bottle green shade of the wallpaper  is colour matched to Graham & Brown’s Colour of the year 2020 Adeline.

My stairs are painted in Graham & Brown’s Barker Grey. The wallpaper name was inspired by the famous Bloomsbury group, taking from it that Victorian Boho aesthetic with its unconventional, eclectic and artistic style.

Graham & Brown’s paint Colour of the year 2020, Adeline, is taken from the first name of the famous writer Virginia Woolf, part of the Bloomsbury group. Victorian hallway wallpaper I wanted to restore my Victorian terrace house, in line with its era, but with my own quirky twist.

Bold floral wallpaper is very much a feature of the Victorian era.

When Graham & Brown showed me their wallpaper of the year, I knew that it would be perfect for my space.

As my hallway is narrow, I decided to wallpaper one side of the wall. Covering both sides would have probably made the space feel cramp.

The opposing wall has been painted in Graham & Brown’s Dee. Where the stairs created a visual divide, I continued the wallpapering on the opposite wall. victorian hallway style I’ve kept the doors and frames in Graham & Brown white, making the wallpaper the key focal point. I wanted the wallpaper to frame my hallway mirror, so I picked this beautiful rimless House Doctor mirror that I bought from Haygen. decorating a victorian hallway with paint and wallpaper This radiator cover has been a life saver because my existing radiator would have spoiled the look of the hallway.

I can now also place decor and scent on the cover surface to create an impact on entering. Graham & Brown wallpaper in hallway For the finishing touches, I added my favourite Pappelina rug on the floor. So, what do you think? I’d love to hear your views.

( All styling and photography of this Victorian hallway are by Geraldine Tan. Graham & Brown kindly provided the paint and wallpaper for the makeover).

Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019

I always love an event with workshops and the opportunity to network with like minded creatives.

I can still remember the creative workshop I co-ran for Christmas at Papermill studios with Lynne of Papermash and Zeena Shah 2 years ago. This year, I’m super excited to be invited to  Martha Brook’s Stationery Social 2019 party, as one of their panel speakers. Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 I will be talking about how I juggle a full time medical job whilst balancing a successful creative career as a blogger and instagram content creator. Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 How I juggle two careers and got started on my creative path are the most common questions I get asked.

I will be revealing all and answering any questions at the event.

I will be amongst a panel of inspiring ladies who will be talking about their full time and side hustle jobs. See below who they are. Steph Douglas of Don’t Buy Her Flowers. Ellie Kime of The Wedding Enthusiast. Kay Suppamas of Leafage.

And of course, speaking too, will be Martha Brooks, our host. There will be lots happening on the day.

Here’s a taster of the day. Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 I’ve always wanted to make my own creative Bullet journal, and this workshop by Betty Etiquette will be the perfect kickstart. The lettering and gift wrapping workshop by Martha’s team would be perfect for the lead up to Christmas. Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 I’m so excited to see the venue at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch, because I know it’s going to look amazing and very insta-worthy.

Below is a taster of what to expect. Firstly, the venue will be adorn in gorgeous flowers created by both Dove & Myrtle and Hibbert and Hagström. And secondly, I can’t wait to see the balloon art work created by Mimi & Lu. However, it doesn’t stop there at balloons and flowers, there will even be an origami backdrop created by the Origami Boutique. The House of Love illustrations will be doing live drawings, and dreamy photography of the event. It gets better.

During the event, there are treats and drinks too to fuel our creativity on the day further. Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 I can’t wait to see the cake created by Richmond cake school. Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 One of my favourites, Biscuiteers will be there too. Meanwhile, with all those sweet treats, we will need some refreshing tea to wash it down right? Well, teapigs will be providing some refreshing drinks at the event.

Finally, tickets for the event is now running low, so do grab yours for this weekend quick. Moreover, there will be goodie bags to take home too.

I look forward to meeting you at the Martha Brooks Stationery Social 2019 soon.

( All photography are provided by Martha Brooks team)

eat on the go Eat on the go lifestyle made easier with Curver’s SMART To Go range.

I’m sure there is no denying that we all lead very busy lifestyles, often multitasking and possibly eating on the go at our work desk.

It’s important that we try to eat healthy on the go. Research has shown that we tend to overeat when at our work desks.

I love Curver’s SMART To Go soup container because it allows me to eat a little healthier and control my portion. Being able to plan ahead on what soup I would make for lunch, allows me to try to include as much of my 5 a day vegetable portions into the soup.

Also, soup is great, because I can make huge batches, and then store, fill and go for different days. Curver’s SMART To Go soup bowl container is microwave safe and its cover seals tightly shut for easy carriage, and can be clicked open easily on the sides when needed.

There is also a convenient little window panel to allow the steam to escape during and after heating. The large handle helps with stability when drinking the soup directly. eat on the go I’ve made little croutons to put in my soup too. I’ve stored them in one of Curver’s little SMART To Go sauce pot containers. eat on the go We’ve had a heatwave in the UK, and sometimes the workplace can be steaming hot.

Along with my SMART To Go soup container, I carry my  green Dots water bottle, part of the same range. Some cool features of this bottle deserves to be mentioned, for example it is made of Tritan which is BPA  plastic free and impact resistant.

So, do you ever eat on the go and if so, how do you manage it?

( This is a paid partnership post with Curver. )

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