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Our basement family room has now become my quarantine bunker during these times of Covid 19.

Everyday when I go to work as a doctor, there’s always a risk of exposure whilst looking after covid 19 patients.

My self imposed quarantine in the basement is my way of protecting my family from exposure.

I believe this is the situation for many of my healthcare colleagues across the country.

However, it doesn’t mean I have no interaction with my family at all, I do, as long I adhere to the required social distancing rules. If in the event that I have to self isolate because of symptoms, then I can still communicate with them through the basement glass sliding door.

It’s great that I can still see them through the glass. It would be tough through a solid door.

Anyway, being in the basement is not all that bad, as I have my own bathroom and monopoly on the television (including Netflix). 

I spent this weekend putting up prints on the wall, as I was tired of looking at blank walls. A bit colour always adds some cheer to a space don’t you think?

I’m really hoping this Pandemic will end soon so all can get back to normal. I think we are still a bit away. For now, the basement is my quarantine bunker and new friend.

Wishing you a lovely day and keep safe during these unprecedented times. Thanks for all the lovely wishes and checking up on me on Instagram. x

Spring door wreath It’s Easter weekend and nearly my birthday, so it was wonderful to receive a beautiful Spring door wreath and a pair of pumps from my favourite shoe brand French Sole.

This wonderful and colourful spring wreath was specially created for me by The Big Door wreath Company. Isn’t it just so bright and happy? Spring door wreath During the coronavirus lockdown, we all need a bit of cheer in our lives. This gorgeous Spring door wreath is the perfect antidote.

It’s also a wonderful sight for all those hardworking postmen and women who are still delivering parcels and food to our homes during these trying times. Here are my new pair of shoes, kindly sent to me from french Sole. These grey pumps are called Lola.

I’ve always loved French sole shoes as they are so comfortable. They are perfect for me as I do a lot of walking as a doctor.

You know when you have new shoes and after walking around, there is usually some blisters as you try to break into the new shoes? Well, the good news is that French Sole shoes feel so comfortable at the first wear, it’s like you’ve worn it forever.

I adore the contrasting black ribbons. Aren’t they super cute?  Anyway, hope the pretty colours from this door wreath has made you feel happy and optimistic.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend, for those who do celebrate. Keep safe.

working from home I thought it would be lovely to provide some decor inspiration to get your home ready for Summer if you are working from home.

Here are my top 5 tips for updating the workspace. working from home decor 1. Declutter

Firstly, for those having to stay home, more than ever, this is the opportunity to declutter.

Admittedly, there is nowhere to dump the stuff, but bagging things away ready to go when the lockdown ends will make life so much easier. home ready for summer 2. Gallery wall refresh

Art prints and frames are still easily available to purchase online and be delivered during this Coronavirus lockdown. home ready for summer In fact, I have done several gallery wall refreshes during my weekends off, for example, my hallway above. home ready for summer You don’t have to spend a bomb to do this. I’ve mainly used old prints that I’ve had in storage and added one or two new ones.

The “Magnifique” print is new, and from Gayle Mansfield. 3. Accessorize your desk.

After a declutter and wipe down, I decided to restyle my desk with a new lamp.

I absolutely adore the elegance of my new Hector 30 lamp from Original BTC, with its classic white bone China shade and brass fittings. 4. New floor coverings 

No floor is complete without a bright and colourful rug to usher in the Summer.

As this is hay fever season, you may want to consider a rug that can be easily washed or wiped down.

I have always loved the plastic rugs from pappelina. In fact, I still have the ones I bought from more than 10 years ago.

These aren’t single use plastic products. They are beautiful designs that last a lifetime.

They feel so luxurious and soft to step on, the colours stay vibrant even after many years, and they are so easy to clean too.

These 2 pretty rugs from pappelina are called Piglet ( pink) and Vera ( turquoise). 5.Pastel cushions

These pastel cushions in the shape of shells are from Moi Mili. Aren’t they simply divine? They match the aesthetic of my workspace so well. The cushions are super plump soft and definitely huggable.

So, those were my 5 simple tips on how to get your workspace ready for Summer if you are working from home. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Finally, wishing you a wonderful week ahead and stay safe.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. The products mentioned are gifts).

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