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My Rainbow faux Christmas tree and baubles from Balsam Hill.

Can you believe it’s 2 more weeks till Christmas?

London has been magical with the snow today. I’m feeling so festive.

Around this time in December, we as a family, would go out to buy our real Christmas tree.

This year I’ve broken from tradition, as I have decided to get a large faux Christmas tree from Balsam Hill. Rainbow faux christmas tree Ta-dah! Here it is. It’s our very own Rainbow faux Christmas tree. rainbow faux christmas tree What do you think? Very bright and colourful right?   I’ve totally lost count on the number of baubles I had used. Aren’t these blue and purple Georgetown baubles just gorgeous? I must admit, I did feel a bit apprehensive about getting a large faux Christmas tree, but my worries were short lived, as I was totally impressed with how real it looked.

Our tree was a 7 feet Royal blue Spruce with candlelight LEDs. I am now a full faux tree convert, even though I do miss that wonderful scent of Christmas you get from a real tree. Here are more Georgetown baubles from Balsam Hill The colours of my Rainbow Christmas tree really complement my room decor don’t you think?

Gayle Mansfield kindly sent me those A3 sized prints on the wall. Aren’t they gorgeous? My Vitra Eames blanket on the sofa match the gold and burnt copper baubles on the tree. I’m so in love with these turquoise blue and gold Georgetown baubles too. Here’s another view. What do you think of the Lodge faux fur tree skirt in ivory? It reminds me of snow and is so super soft. The tree was so easy to assemble and comes in 3 parts, making it light to carry up and down the stairs. Doesn’t that glow make you feel warm and cosy? So, would you consider a faux tree? I’m so pleased with my Rainbow faux Christmas tree. Now all I need to do is organise myself to wrap the gifts.

Talking about gifts, I’ll be posting my last minute Christmas gift guide on the blog this week. Can’t wait to show you.

( All photography and styling were done by myself. The tree and Georgetown baubles were a gift.)

Do you ever wonder what the future of transportation would look like?

Will cars still be the same in 50 year’s time? It seems like we are increasingly hearing about driverless and electric cars. Will the future of cars even have wheels?

Cars of the present day are literally designed just for taking us from A to B, without furher imagination.

No doubt safety regulations have had a hand to play in the way that we function and interact within our car.  I was honoured to have recently been chosen by Hyundai, the South Korean based car manufacturer, to become one of their judges for the Innovators of the future competition.

My co-judges include James Taylor, the deputy Features Editor at CAR magazine and Seetal Solanki, the founder and director of Ma-tt-er, a materials research design studio.

The competition seeks entries to design the interior of a driverless Hyundai SUV that can seamlessly incorporate into the home. It is indeed a tricky concept to come up with, because there are so many different styles and aesthetics in home interiors. Innovators of the future Hyundai recently showcased their idea of a future in mobility at the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas.

They demonstrated how a car could incorporate into the home ( as per the images), moving furniture seamlessly between the two areas, and also embracing smart technology. For me, having the surrounds of home comfort whilst travelling seems the most appealing. I’m thinking of soft cosy sofa beds to stretch out on, with cushions and throws.

There would also have to be access to home technology like television, music, phone and computer points.

Finally, I think the style and design of the car interiors should have an universal appeal, and can be customised to one’s aesthetic.

It would be amazing if someone could devise an interchangeable interiors concept to embrace the varied interiors styles out there. The four key criteria for entry are:


How is your design innovative?

Future proofing

How do you future proof your design?


Is your entry a seamless design?


Does your design take sustainability into account

You can see more detailed information on what we are looking for in the entry guidelines here.

Most of all, if you win, you and a friend will get a total of £1,000 spending money and a trip to Seoul.

In addition to that, there will also be a tour of the factory where Hyundai’s designs come to life.

The winner and runners up will also have their submissions showcased on the Hyundai website.

What do you think the future of cars will be?

50 years seems long but I’m sure there will be a change, because technology and design are moving quickly.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing the entries for this Innovators of the Future competition. Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

(These innovators of the Future images were provided by Hyundai, and I have collaborated with Hyundai on a sponsored basis, but all views are my own .)

Why I love my Parker Jotter London pen.

If you see me at work, in the hospital, you will see me equipped with 4 things:  My stethoscope around my neck, my patient list, my bleep and my trusted Parker Jotter London pen. Such is my love for my Parker jotter, that this morning I had a little panic when I realised I left my pen behind at a café during my lunch break. I walked all the way back there, despite the bitterly cold winds.

Luckily, one of the staff there had found it. Parker Jotter pen You may ask why I love the Parker Jotter so much? As a doctor, I have to write clinical notes every day within a time pressured environment.

The Parker pen Jotter writes so smoothly on paper, it’s as if my pen is gliding. I’m not sure why, but my handwriting looks so much better too. Anyway, imagine my delight when Parker Pens asked me to be celebrate the relaunch of their Jotter London pens with them.

My picks were the Bond Street Black Jotter pen and the West End Brushed Gold Jotter pen.  I have inaugurated my pens with a workspace styling at home and shot them at two of my favourite cafés in Hampstead, North London.

These are places I would go to, to write and unplug from the digital world. What do you think of the workspace styling with these beautiful colourful prints above my desk by Gayle Mansfield?

As well as using my Parker Jotter pens at work, I love using them at home too, to plan out my blog work in the diary. Introducing you to Ginger and White in Perrins court. I love coming here for breakfast during the weekends and for an indulgent piece of cake with tea. Doesn’t my black Bond Street Parker Jjotter fit right in? I love sitting outside, it’s so refreshing to drink hot tea in the outdoor chill. Now that it’s December, I’ve decided to make a head start on writing my Christmas cards. Parker Jotter pen Here’s a closer view of my Bond Street black Parker Jotter pen. My next favourite café in Hampstead, is Melrose and Morgan.

Don’t those red outdoor tables look so festive?  I’ve used my brushed gold West End Jotter here to write down my plans for the new year.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little tour at home and around Hampstead with my new Parker Jotter pens.

The pens would make excellent Christmas gifts don’t you think?  Once you try a Parker Jotter pen, believe me, you’ll be hooked, and it’ll become your new best friend.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Do you have a favourite café in London where you would go, to unplug from the digital world?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Parker Pens but all views are my own).

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