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I’m a bit behind with telling you about my bathroom remodel progress. This post will give you a glimpse at the layout of my new bathroom.

The image above is of course my old bathroom. renovating my bathroom Then it was all gone! This bathroom remodel is starting to look a little better now right?

Samuel, my builder (who actually is also an architect), has placed some plasterboard over the new pipework. Peeping out from the plaster board is the two waste pipes for my basins. Can you also see the hot and cold water pipes too?

You can imagine the layout a little now right?

Yes, I am having double basins. One for my daughter and one for me, because this is our bathroom.

The man and boy of the house have their own shower room upstairs. To the far side wall of my bathroom is the waste pipe for my bath tub. Here you can see the new cold and hot water pipes for the bath tub.

Are you starting to get a 3 dimensional image of my new bathroom? More work has since been done, sealing the joints of the board, sanding and plastering the old wall.

Ceiling has also been sanded and made good.

I’m happy to work with Ripples bathroom on this project. They have helped me design the bathroom configuration and pick some of the bathroom furniture.

It is also so crucial to have a good builder with an eye for design. With thanks to Samuel from Mead Architecture and design for helping me through my indecisions. I will be showing you some of those design decisions and indecisions in this bathroom remodel soon. I’m so excited about this whole project and fingers crossed it will turn out great.

Have a very lovely day.

( All photography are my own)

5 things I learned so far whilst renovating my bathroom.

Here’s my old bathroom again. Work is still progressing, and I’ll show you its current state at the end of this post.

I thought it may be fun to just document the 5 things I’ve learned so far whilst renovating my bathroom. I thought it would be a good resource for anyone considering a bathroom refurbishment.

1. Number of tiles

When ordering tiles, always account for wastage from tile cutting. I would advise ordering 10% extra.

2. Tile or stone colours

Always order a sample of the stone or tile that you are going to use in your bathroom.

I’m putting concrete basins in my bathroom and with the sample I received, I realised that the colours weren’t exactly the same as the photos I saw. It’s also important to realise that if you are using a natural stone, that variations in colours are to be expected.

Ordering samples can also allow you to put a mood board of all the colours and textures that you will be using in your bathroom together.

3. Positioning the bath furniture

If you like I, are an Instagram interiors addict, then it’s likely you would want to photograph your bathroom.

Make sure you plan out your bathroom, so you can take the best photos ( but obviously not compromising the function of the bathroom).

I don’t like photos of the toilet, so I’m trying to make sure it’s positioned in such a way that it is out of view. However, with my bathroom being so small, that may be a problem.

4. Create the illusion of space

If your bathroom is super small like mine, then you don’t want it to feel crammed.

A few things to create the illusion of space is to use floating furniture- such as a wall mount WC, floating vanity unit or bath tub on legs.

Mirrors can also create the illusion of space and make a space look lighter.

5. Finishing touches

Radiators come with valves and pipes, and most of these are in chrome.

If however, you are going for brass metalware or the on trend black taps, then you may want to consider plating the valves and pipes in the same colour.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my 5 tips on renovating my bathroom. I will be back during the course of the refurbishment to tell you more about the things that I’ve learned. renovating my bathroom I leave you with the ripped out look of my bathroom. It has progressed since this, and Samuel has been working very hard, but I’ll show you more photos in stages.

Mother’s Day in the UK is on Sunday 31st March this year, so I thought it would be fun to do a little round up of gift ideas.

Can you spot a few new things in my living space?

How cute is my new coral red plastic rug from my favourite store Pappelina?

This one is called Dana. Would be a lovely Mother’s day gift for your interiors loving mum don’t you think? You may have also spotted a lovely bottle of Prosecco next to my Swarovski glasses?

A bottle of Prosecco for mother’s day would be much appreciated! Says this mama. It’s not any ordinary bottle of Prosecco, but it’s Princess Prosecco. Let me explain a little more. Princess Prosecco are quality Prosecco imported from Italian vineyards, delivered straight to your door. Mothers Day gift ideas What’s cool is that in addition to getting a one off delivery or send as gift, you can also subscribe monthly.

Each month the Prosecco comes with an indulgence box with a theme based on the colour of the birthstone. Here’s what I got with my Prosecco – a miniature bottle of Gin with a recipe card for creating a Prosecco cocktail, a few sweet treats, a Flamingo luggage tag, an eyelash curler ( my daughter has already claimed it) and the surprise treat is a collection of Tincture household cleaner. That’s not the end.

Here are more Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Do you spot the treats? Let’s get closer. And closer.

Feast your eyes on my gorgeous A3 art print by Pea and Me. How fabulous are those colourful floral illustrations and the leopard print “Mother Hustler” words?

If I were you, I’d order one now for mum before they sell out. You spotted the Biscuiteers iced biscuits on my bedside table right? Another wonderful mother’s day gift.

If you quote LITTLEBIGBELL10 at checkout before March 31st 2019, then you get a 10% discount at Biscuiteers ( not including experiences or charity collection). So there you go. My Mother’s day gift ideas. Hope you like the recommendations. Wishing you all a wonderful week.

( All products mentioned were gifts).

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