Halloween decorations in a neutral palette by Caroline Tan.

It’s Halloween in 2 days. Anyone planning on going Trick or Treating? I haven’t been very organised this year with Halloween decor, but have stocked up the candy jar with treats that I have bought from LA – Pumpkin coloured Kit-Kat bars, Halloween themed Hershey chocolates and Tootsie rolls. My […]


Mr. Steam and Colour therapy.

A thank you to Mr. Steam who was part sponsor of the Modenus Blog Tour LA which I attended earlier this month. So, you may wonder who is Mr. Steam ? and why am I showing you my colourful mug collection? The answer to the former question is that Mr. Steam is […]


Gessi – thinking outside the box- sponsors of Blog Tour LA.

A warm thank you to Gessi who sponsored Blog Tour LA, which I recently attended. I was interested to learn how this company had evolved since its inception in 1992. Recently, I encountered a successful healthcare model described as practising ‘Disruptive Innovation’. The latter is an approach that seeks to improve a […]