Living Room

A fun pastel wallpaper backdrop for zoom calls.

Where’s that fun pastel wallpaper from? A question I often get asked about this wall on my Instagram. There’s always a huge surprise when I say it’s a painted wall, and not wallpaper. Unfortunately, the paint is now wearing out, cracking and fading away. So, do I repaint or try […]


Decorating a hallway with bold colours and patterns.

Decorating a hallway with bold colours and patterns is not one for the faint hearted. Taking that leap of faith, by using colourful and boldly printed wallpaper, may seem daunting, but can really pay off. By getting it right, you could create that instant wow factor that sets the tone […]


My new Howdens Chilcomb Paintable kitchen

Now that my Howdens Chilcomb Paintable kitchen (above) is complete, I thought I’d share my kitchen design journey with you. I discovered Howdens on Instagram and was instantly drawn to their beautiful kitchens on show.  Howdens had amazing reviews online. I also liked the idea of a one stop shop […]

Bedroom, Decor

Key wall art trends for Spring 2021. 

What are the key wall art trends of Spring 2021? Here are some of my thoughts: Colour-wise Spring 2021 sees the popularity of soft pastel hues of Lilac, pinks, greens and yellows. In fact, these colours are also super popular in the fashion world at the moment. Form-wise I’m  seeing lots […]