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23 Sep

Park Guell in Barcelona – Antoni Gaudi’s colourful work.



I have just returned from a long weekend away in Barcelona.

The last time I was in Barcelona was around 15 years ago and I was so looking forward to revisiting Antoni Gaudi’s work.

Unfortunately, the Sagrada Familia was closed to visitors on the day that I visited.

Luckily, I was able to visit the beautiful Park Guell designed by him.

Park_Guell_Gaudi_Little_Big_Bell Love the shape of the roof of the Porter’s lodge pavilion, with its colourful mosaics.

Pink_mosaics_Gaudi_Barcelona_Little_Big_Bell In the centre of Park Guell lies an open space originally planned for an open theatre, now rechristened Nature square. It is surrounded by undulating walls of mosaics.

Gaudi_yellow_tile_mosaics_Park_Guell_Little_Big_Bell Bright pops of yellows and blues, the perfect combination.

Gaudi_mosaics_park_guell_Little_Big_Bell The tile shard mosaics on the ceiling of the Hypostyle room, laid amongst 84 striated columns. Simply stunning!

Gaudi's_house_Barcelona_on_Little_Big_Bell Here is the external of Gaudi’s home – Pink, blue and green.

Gaudi_House_Park_Guell_photo_by_Little_Big_Bell The primary colours on the chimney are striking don’t you think?

Park_Guell_Barcelona_Little_Big_Bell Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I’ll be writing more on Barcelona soon. Happy week all!

  1. Hi Geraldine, Thanks for the cheery reminder of fabulous Barcelona and that amazing park. I’ve got some very fond memories of a two week stay there in the nineties. Really looking forward to reading future posts on Barcelona. Triciax

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      A pleasure Tricia! I spent hours in Park Guell, loved it there, so inspirational.


    Barcelona is one of my favorite destinations!I had an amazing time there and I would happily go again!

  3. Beautiful photos Geraldine! The mosaics and colors look incredible. I’ve never been to Barcelona, every time I am planning to go, something happens and I have to cancel (arghhh!) Happy that I can admire it, looking at your photos though 🙂 It looks like it was an awesome mtb weekend 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about it xo

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      It was a fantastic time away. You should go one day, guarantee you’ll love it. See you soon! x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      I would love to show my kids the park too. It’s so beautiful. Have a great week anya! x

  4. Though I know Gaudí’s work, it never fails to surprise me again. I don’t think there has been a more organic architects than he was, in fact, during life time he was not very recognized being too colorful and different, but gained international fame few years after passing away. Your images are so nice, Geraldine! Very happy to have seen you again and spent some more time together! Have a lovely Sunday! xx

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