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Photographic art prints from LUMAS

photographic art printsPhotographic art prints was never something I had previously considered until I discovered LUMAS. As you can see above my desk in my workspace, I usually went for illustrated art prints.

I guess I used to naively view photography as something everyone could go out and snap for themselves. However, my views have changed since I started taking photos myself.

The amount of time, energy, creative planning and detail required when taking a photo is enormous. Then, there is the after production and editing too.

I haven’t really come across a specific curated photographic art print marketplace until I found LUMAS. Previously photographic prints on other art sites, seem to just be an afterthought.I’m sure you would have already spotted my piece from LUMAS above. It’s a striking and vibrant photography art mounted under acrylic glass called “Dreamer pool” by Elena Iv-Skaya.

I love its gorgeous use of colours and powerful imagery.

In fact, I knew precisely where it would go, right above my recently re-upholstered mid-century modern style green sofa. Don’t you think the colours flow seamlessly from top down?

photographic art printsI love how it has given my room a slightly more grown up and elegant feel, something that I have found difficult to achieve with just illustration art.

I think photography art is a brilliant way to upgrade a space and create a luxury feel.

Do take a look at LUMAS, guaranteed to have you hooked, as it did me. Fascinating to see the different ways photographers express themselves through their shoots.

LUMAS offers more than 3000 works of art by about 250 established artists. They have 22 galleries worldwide in addition to their online offering. There is definitely something for everyone, including hand signed and limited edition works by high profile artists too.

If you do find something you like, then you could use my code L17GERALDINE for 17% off.

Have a lovely day all.

( This post has been sponsored by LUMAS, but all opinions are my own).

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