Renegade Craft Fair, London 2013 – Little Big Bell’s picks.


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. I certainly had a jam packed one, but filled with so much fun.

On Saturday morning, I made a whistle stop tour of the Renegade Craft fair  in East London’s Brick Lane, then lunch at the highly recommended Berner’s Tavern.

The Renegade Craft fair is a curated indie-craft marketplace, showcasing talents in contemporary craft and design. I was excited at what I would discover.

There were around a hundred stalls, so definitely a lot of talent under one roof. I have selected four of my favourites below.


My absolute number one favourite was Anna Alicia’s stall. Everything was hand made and eco-ethical.

Her Tassel necklaces were tempting. Made of organic fairtrade cotton, they are separated by two driftwood beads and strung on a soft bamboo cord.

Her one of a kind hand embroidered brooch necklace (above) was also beautiful. Love the way she has combined the colours.


Now this is the piece de resistance for me. This beautiful embroidered wall hanging with pom-pom balls sent me reaching for my purse.

I love its delicate tapered effect and the mint greens and pinks are my favourite.

Even more special, I found out later from Anna, that this was the only one that she had made and was not intending on making anymore for sale as it was quite labour intensive.

This is the piece she specially made for the feature in Mollie Makes magazine due out in January 2014.

So, you get to see it here first. I believe there will be a tutorial on how to make it in the magazine.


The next stall that caught my eye was OhNoRachio’s Hand Illustrated teacup planters complete with a Succulent kit.

I can just imagine how lovely these four would be lined up on the kitchen window sill.


Now this stall, April Look did send me reaching for my purse again. How could I resist these colourful, narrow, linen ties. Such a perfect Christmas gift for my husband.

Each tie is hand stitch and to such perfection and precision. I really love their dipped coloured ties too, which sadly was not on display at the fair.

I bought my husband a deep teal one. Can’t wait to see him wear it.

Do take a look, they sell matching pocket squares and bow ties too.


Last but not least was textile designer Rhian McLaren’s stall. This is her debut collection and what a beautiful colourful collection of pillows. I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing more about this talented designer in the very near future.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing my picks. Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week.


  1. What a beautiful selection! I loved visiting today, but it was so HUGE! Lovely to see so many necklaces, especially with textiles.

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Rebecca 😉 I agree it was huge, I probably missed one or two stalls as I was time limited too, but really happy with my finds. x

  2. Wauw amazing trip you had Geraldine – You’re so lucky, you always have a fantastic upcoming craft fair and this one seems to be treasured with the most talented people. I love the wood & tassel necklaces and the embroidered wall hanging is stunning. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your week!

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Mette. You should do the Renegade fair one day – even as a seller, as you make the most amazing stuff. I would be first in line as your customer for sure. Have a lovely week. x

  3. I went last year and it seems it wasn’t as big as this year’s. It was such an amazing fair. So glad to be able to see your findings!!

    • littlebigbell

      Thanks Giova, it was an amazing fair, my first time there this year. Will definitely go again next year. Have a lovely week. x

  4. You have an amazing eye for beautiful design pieces, Geraldine. That’s it! xx

  5. Nice findings, Geraldine! I especially love the succulent kit by OhNoRachio’s, it’s also a nice DIY suggestion. Thanks for sharing!

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you J, love Ohnorachio’s work too. I agree a great DIY inspiration. Have a great week. x

  6. Fabulous round-up, Geraldine! I am in love with Anna Alicia’s work ever since I reviewed her DIY book on my blog! She is so talented! Love the vibrant colours and oh the succulents, there we go with my soft spot for urban jungles:-)

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Igor. In fact when I saw those succulents, I thought of your urban jungle posts. I need to start getting a bit of green into my home too. Anna was selling her book at the fair, wished I bought one now.She was lovely to chat to. x

  7. Such a lovely selection Geraldine, I am especially in awe of that lovely embroidered wall hanging – did you take it home with you? xD

  8. You had me at tassel!! The wall hanging is to die for and hope your hand made it to your purse and now call that your own! Textile arts are my weak spot and envy your escapades! xoox

    • littlebigbell

      Hi Tami, yes! that hand did make it to the purse and I am now the proud owner of that wall hanging 😉 Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. Geraldine I’m swooning over the embroidered wall hanging – you lucky thing! How extra special indeed that it’s a one of a kind and almost famous:) xx

    • littlebigbell

      I was so excited to find it too. Can’t wait to see my wall hanging in mollie Makes. x

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