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Small garden decor ideas with garden furniture from very.

small garden decor ideasNow that Summer is in full swing, I thought it might be fun to share some small garden decor ideas with you.

Living in London means that outdoor space is premium. My garden is tiny but that hasn’t deterred me from making the most of the space that I have.

As you can see above, I have created a little hangout space on the deck in my garden using a few pieces of outdoor furniture and decor from very.small garden decor ideasCan you spot the roses in that gorgeous Rowlinson wooden patio planter from very? They smell amazing.

I’ve had my eye on this planter for a while, so was really happy to get one this Summer. It’s in a natural timber finish but can be painted or stained if desired. I quite like its natural look for now, but maybe in the Autumn, I will stain it to match the deck.

The great thing about this planter, is that it has already been pressure treated to protect it against rot, so I didn’t have to line it with a plastic sheeting.

We did have to drill holes in the planter to place the screws in, but that was easy to do.

To plant the roses, I placed some rocks at the bottom of the planter, followed by a semi permeable membrane on top, then the soil. The rocks will ensure adequate drainage of the water.

I’ve learned my lesson from past experiences of just placing only soil into containers that become water logged, and so killing off my plants.

Another important tip that I learned was to ensure I have the correct type of potting soil.

Roses need a soil that drains well but holds moisture long enough for the roots to absorb it. Loam is an ideal soil. It’s best to avoid clay soils as that can become waterlogged or sandy soils that drain too quickly.

I think I’ve followed all those steps, so hopefully all will go well.

small garden decor ideasHow cute are these Santa Monica Rocker chairs from very? They come with padded seats and a glass topped side table too.

The chairs are easy to assemble and super comfortable with a soothing and gentle rocking motion.The rocker chair is sturdy, made of steel with a durable rattan weave seat and back.

small garden decor The table is handy for drinks. As you can see I’ve been enjoying some Rosé on those recent balmy evenings we have been experiencing.

By the way, do you spot those apples in my garden in the image above? They are perfect apples for making Tarte Tatin.

Since it’s now the start of the school Summer holiday, I thought it would be good to get my son outdoors to do some gardening with me.

He planted those pretty Blue Agapanthus in another Rowlinson planter from very, called the Alderley Grey Square planter. We planted a few clumps of grass at the base to give it a fuller, styled look.Adjacent to the square planter is a matching Alderley raised planter. We currently have a few potted plants in it, but are planning on making it into a mini herb garden.

It’s a lovely hardwood planter with a durable lacquer finish, pre-painted in a grey wash.

I think planters are great as small garden decor ideas. You can find more for your garden here.

Now all that’s left to do is to water the plants.

This Gardena Hose reel set with 20m of hose from very came at the right time, as our old one was on its last legs and leaking water.

What I like about this hose is that you can roll it up in a carrier. This is great as it means no more tripping over the hose as I walk up the outdoor stairs.

On a hot heatwave day like today, those roses certainly welcomed some water. Well, I’ll be sitting here most evenings after work, surrounded by the sweet scent of those fragrant roses. It’s amazing how you can create a little haven of an outdoor hangout place, even if you only have a small garden or small budget.

Do check out very for more exterior inspiration.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my small garden decor ideas. Keep safe in the hot sun.

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