Storage baskets that are sustainable and fair trade from The Basket Room.

storage basketsWith the crazy weather patterns all over the world , it’s even more imperative that we buy responsibly and think about protecting the environment.

I’m going to start saying no to poor quality throwaway plastic storage solutions.

I’m so happy to discover The Basket Room, an ethical brand selling weave basket products from Africa.

You can see several of their embroided storage baskets on my shelves above.

storage basketsThe Basket Room is the brainchild of Camilla and Holly, who met whilst studying fashion design at art college.

Holly started her ethical journey in fashion following a road trip from South Africa to Nairobi, and Camilla quit her fashion job in London to explore her dreams of sourcing intricate and locally crafted decorative products from East Africa. storage basketsTogether, they supported weaving communities in Africa, in creation of their basket wares, through fair wages and working conditions.Here’s a close look at one of the storage baskets with a shell and pearl design.

The baskets are made from sustainable materials such as sisal plants, banana fibres, grasses and plant leaves.Dyes used where possible, are natural and made from colours extracted from vegetables or tree barks.

They use shipping containers rather than air to reduce their carbon footprint. Anyway, back to the beautiful and colourful sisal storage baskets on my shelves.

I must admit, I am a fan of organisation.

They are perfect for hiding away the odds and ends in my living room, such as keys, phone devices and charging wires and cables.They look so cute here don’t they?

Love their dual purpose as decor and storage. Even better, they are kind to the environment.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. One basket is gifted and the rest are on loan for the shoot).

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